Final Act (Hinote Kagari)

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Final Act (Hinote Kagari)
Date of Cutscene: 18 December 2015
Location: Kagari Household
Synopsis: Dreams of the limelight seldom end as you expect and sometimes you don't want the applause.
Cast of Characters: Hinote Kagari, Mamoru Chiba

......Hinote slips into an alleyway and slips into henshin as Guardian Hino, via chanting the oath. 'To protect justice... I am Guardian Hino.'. He doesn't yell it out. But soon, Hino is tailing Tuxedo Kamen. He is holding the edge of his cape as to prevent it from making an obvious sound in the breeze this high up as he jumps one rooftop over away from the Augusta's domed fancy ballroom. He jumps into the air, and draws his sword. He grits his teeth as he comes down at an angle.

The next thing that happens is that the two crash down from the glass dome down onto the shining floor of the ballroom. Glass following, falling like bits of sparkle dust onto the ground from the ceiling.

Guardian Hino lands on his feet. He has no doubt Tuxedo Kamen will be able to do the same. It's why his sword is pointed out, and held forward at him immediatly. It is not on fire.

"Tuxedo Kamen." he says. "Is it true you fight for a princess?" he asks.

And here Mamoru was just taking a shortcut home, not having even fought today, and basically never patrolling. Skill: Abuse of henshin +1.

This'll learn him.

Out of absolutely nowhere, there's a sudden impact from behind, and all Tuxedo Kamen has time to do is whip up his cape in front of him so that he doesn't get a faceful of glass. Then he and Guardian Hino are falling amid shards of glass, and he shoves roughly away from the other boy midair, twisting himself around like a cat to land soundlessly on his feet in a defensive stance.

Moonlight glitters off the glass shards as they fall to the floor like a rain of sharp music.

....and then the audience claps....

For some reason this jolts Hino out of some sort of daze he wasn't even in to begin with. It's like half the ballroom just disappeared within the frame of a second in between blinks. He looked out across the other half of the ballroom. There was some sort of expansive auditorium of some sort. It was garish and gaudy and seemed to smell musty and old and un-used like that time his dad took him to one of the old classic theaters before it got torn down. Yet there were shadows of.... someone--- somethings? in the seats.

When he looks back to Tuxedo Kamen the Ballroom of the Augusta changed again. It seemed.. fake. Things looked like cardboard, like a proper stage set for school. It looked like someone didn't do a good job of painting. This further jarred Hino. What was going on? Was this... a Witches Labyrinth?

Wait... what was he doing? Right... he had to... drain Tuxedo Kamen? Wait. That didn't feel right. Weren't they done with this? What was going on!? This was familiar. Wait. Wasn't this something that actually happened!? Why was it a play!?

Hinote looked back out towards the audience again to an array of massive red eyeballs all sitting in seats. Okay. This was ghastly and sickening combined with the increasing smell. It's like he was kind of living inside a wet rotting cat at this point.

When he looked back, his sword was no longer in his hands. Across the other side of the ballroom, it was now in flames-and resting in the chest of Tuxedo Kamen. One of those fake cardboard pillars toppled over into the flames. There was also blood everywhere. It was thick like ichor. This jarred Hino enough to take a step back. He didn't do that....! HE DIDN'T DO THAT.....! Memories of being jarred out of a similar situation flooded his mind. Only there was no 'Rising Crash' in his hand this time.

Then there was a deafening roar--- it took him a moment-- was he under attack?

No---they were clapping. The audience was clapping. A whistling and cat calling- Encore! He could hear even. Encore, ENCORE!

"W--why are you all clapping.... WHY ARE YOU ALL CLAPPING IT DIDN'T HAPPEN LIKE THIS!...."

Hinote sits up in his bed. "IT DIDN' that....." he says digging his finger nails out of his palm.

"...that was something else..." muttered Hinote- more than a little disturbed- as he got out of bed to go take care of the slight trickle of blood coming from the small cuts in his palm now.