First Bloom (Hana Shiroi: The Third Dream)

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First Bloom (Hana Shiroi: The Third Dream)
Date of Cutscene: 17 March 2004
Location: Japan
Synopsis: The third dream of the White Flower. Cruelty blooms, fertilized by anger and abuse.
Cast of Characters: {{{Cast of Characters}}}
Tinyplot: Dreams of the White Flower

((OOC CONTENT WARNING: This one is a bit dark. Nothing explicit or gory or anything, if you've watched Madoka the anime you've seen worse, but this ranges to the disturbing side so I figured I'd throw up a warning in case anyone didn't want to be depressed today. :) ))

Beginning the week of November 14th, some magical denizens of Tokyo begin to have a series of rather odd dreams. These dreams are incredibly vivid, almost like watching a movie, and upon comparing notes, those who do so will find their dreams to be exactly the same in every respect. They occur on the same nights, and every detail is identical for those who have them, as if the same movie was played in everybody's heads.

((OOC Note: These dreams are opt-in. They are related to a developing TP. Any magical denizen of Tokyo could possibly have them, especially those strongly tied to dreams, but it is equally possible your character does not have them. It is completely up to you to decide.))

The third dream is as follows:

Early morning. There’s a warehouse of some kind, standing amidst others near the harbor of this particular city. Officially, it’s empty, abandoned. Unofficially, it’s been made into a home, or perhaps ‘lair’ is a better word, for some of the city’s magical denizens.

Inside, amidst a scattering of old crates and other items, beneath a flickering bulb, are the same three magical girls from the previous dream- Red and Gold, Green and Blue, and Hana, in all white.

They seem a bit older now, as if some time has passed- maybe a year, maybe a bit less. Some things, however, don’t seem to have changed much at all. Red and Gold is sneering down at Hana, with Blue and Green backing her up. Hana is standing with shoulders hunched, eyes darting, as she gets chewed out.

“Hiori brought in three Grief Seeds, Hana, in less than a month, and I managed to snag four over the past couple of weeks. How many did you get? /One/.” She says it as it it might as well be none.

“I.. I did my best!” Hana protests, her voice starting off forceful, but audibly withering under renewed glares from the other two. “My powers.. Aren’t really meant for combat, but you keep sending me out alone!”

“We all need to pull our weight.” Red and Gold says, with a sniff and a toss of her head. “Come on. Hand it over.” She holds out her hand.

Hana stares at that extended hand, uncomprehending. “W-what? But I only managed to get one! I need it!”

“You need to contribute to the group.” Red and Gold says, haughtily. “You’re paying us back for all the times we’ve saved your ass. Come on. Hand it over.”

At first, it seems like Hana will comply. Her hand strays to a pocket on her outfit, where no-doubt the Seed is being kept. The way the other girls watch, they clearly expect this to happen. This is a scene that has played out, with subtle variations, in this warehouse many times over the previous months.

But this time, something is different. It’s hard to say why, exactly. Maybe all those months of abuse have just been slowly building up the pressure. Maybe demanding her last Grief Seed, that she had fought so hard to procure all on her own, was the last straw.

Hana’s hand stops just short of the pocket. Her shoulders, hunched, tense.. And her expression shifts, suddenly, almost violently, from distressed and meek to angry. Rage-filled. Her dark eyes flash as her head snaps up.

“No! I worked for this! It’s mine and you can’t have it!”

Both girls look taken aback. It’s clear from the glance they share that this has never happened before, that they’ve never seen Hana display any sense of self-worth or anger. “Don’t be silly, Hana. Hand it over.” Red and Gold tries again, her voice slightly surprised, but still firm.

“No!” Hana repeats, this time as more of a shriek. “You always take what’s mine! You always try to change me, to make me more like you! You’re just like my parents! Why can’t I just be who I am, and do the stuff I’m good at?” Tears are leaking down her cheeks, but she’s still yelling, screaming almost, months and years of bottled frustration bursting forth from a fractured levy.

“Hana..” Red and Gold says, unsure. Then her face grows stony, and she reaches out to grab the Seed. “Give it to me, Hana!”

But Hana is already moving. Not seeming to know quite what she is doing, moving by pure instinct, her hand moves- not to the Seed, but to an old workbench abandoned in the warehouse. Her fingers close around the handle of a hammer, and she swings it at Red and Gold, without precision but with anger-fueled strength.

It must have been total luck. Or perhaps misfortune would be a better term. Her magic responded to her anger, the edge of the hammer glowing white. And as it strikes Red and Gold, it hits her right in the center of her chest. Even with magic backing it up, such a blow would generally be not very dangerous to a Puella.

But the Red and Gold Puella has a fancy gem mounted at the center of a pattern on the chest of her outfit, and the hammer strikes it dead-center. The Gem explodes into fragments instantly, and Red and Gold drops like a sack of stones to the floor, lifeless.

For a moment, both Hana and the Blue and Green Puella just stare, both shocked. The hammer falls from Hana’s suddenly limp hand to the ground. Blue and Green looks up at her, eyes wide. “Hana.. what did you do?” She whispers.

Hana stares in silence a moment longer. Then her lip curls in sullen defiance. “What she deserved!” She says, firmly. Then she turns and runs out of the building… though as she flees down the alleyway, sobbing echoes off the walls in her wake.