Food Coma (Fu Inubouzaki)

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Food Coma (Fu Inubouzaki)
Date of Cutscene: 05 February 2016
Location: Inubouzaki Residence
Synopsis: Training never tasted so good. Oh there may be a certain missed message too.
Cast of Characters: Fu Inubouzaki


It was a really yummy meal. One that just kept coming for Fu. She has her mind set on taking down the girl with the cat! She wants to win this contest and to do that, she is in training, working to stretch her stomach (Hopefully avoiding making her belly bigger!). Tonight she went out to her favorite Udon place. It was absolutely delicious. So good that bowls one and two blended into one yummy memory. Bowls three and four were memorable because she could feel herself getting a little closer to being full. Bowls five and six though were the challenge. Five filled her up. The yummy flavor kept her going even though she could feel herself hitting the food wall. Six was difficult. It took her an hour to take it down but she did in the end.

As Fu walked into her home, full to bursting with udon, a look of pride was on her face. She just beat her record by two bowls which is saying something. Now there was another problem. All that food had made her really sleepy. Happily she made her way to her bedroom and flopped down on the bed. That was it. That single action triggered a rest like none other. A food coma that nothing short of a disaster could wake her from. She was out cold. Not a single motion was made for hours until the food in her stomach had settled. The world was as it should be.


Fu's phone is in her bag, on the floor beside her. It's a perfectly logical place to keep one's phone. Sadly it should probably be charging or something. It begins to chirp, signifying a text from someone. Fu stirs and looks around but promptly falls right back to sleep. Yeah she's still gone. The text is left unseen sadly. Had she actually been able to wake up and look at her phone, she would have seen what was so urgent at three AM.

-Alert! A Rogue Vertex has been sighted approaching the wall. Our reports show that it will breach within the next twenty-four hours. You are the closest team to the prospective breach. Ready your team. Additional forces may be required.-

Ahh well, at least it was nothing important.