Friendship?... (Norie Okana)

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Friendship?... (Norie Okana)
Date of Cutscene: 05 October 2016
Location: The Manor
Synopsis: Lacrima wonders why anyone bothers with her. They're just going to end up dissapointed...
Thanks to: Amu Hinamori
Cast of Characters: Norie Okana

Norie Okana sat in what had become her bedroom in the manor. She'd taken to the manor well. It felt... comfortable. More comfortable than a lot of places. It was probably the European influences in it's design. It's the same reason, she figured, the church was comfortable.

She was laying on the bed, on her belly, staring down at the colored bracelet that was sitting just in front of her nose. She frowned at it. Part of her hoped Amu could feel the frown. That wasn't going to happen.

Why did. People she attacked- or wronged- or .. knew what she was... want to /help/ her. It made no stupid sense! Nrg. It frustrated her. Not because of.. people wanting to help. Because she just.. couldn't understand. She felt like. She may had. Once upon a time. But. It made. No sense to her.

She looked to the smartphone next to the bracelet. October 5th, 2 AM. In nearly a week, on the 13th, she'll be thirteen years old. Did that even matter now? 'Birthdays'? It'd be the first one she'd be celebrating alone. She didn't tell any of these... 'new friends' her birthday. What was the point? The only one who would even know is Riventon-san-- and that's only because she didn't lie on the paperwork she signed when she joined UMBRA- and if Riventon-san bothered to even read it.

Nrg..maybe. Maybe she should tell Jia-chan. She'd be upset. If she found out later. She's sure. She didn't want to upset Jiaying. Not on purpose.

She sighed a bit. She didn't.. really want to wear the friendship bracelet. However, she picked it up and she moved to sit on the bed. But... impoliteness. Not to. Wear it. Somewhere. Right?

She slipped the necklace with that red gem from around her neck as she took the friendship bracelet and unhooked the clasp, tying the bracelet to either end of the necklace, before placing it back around her neck.

Part of her waited a moment. Perhaps waiting for it to magically make her feel happy.

She sighed and left the room disappointed as she left back to Jiaying's.