Full Bloom (Hana Shiroi: The Final Dream)

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Full Bloom (Hana Shiroi: The Final Dream)
Date of Cutscene: 26 November 2009
Location: Japan
Synopsis: The White Flower is born.
Cast of Characters: {{{Cast of Characters}}}
Tinyplot: Dreams of the White Flower

Beginning the week of November 14th, some magical denizens of Tokyo begin to have a series of rather odd dreams. These dreams are incredibly vivid, almost like watching a movie, and upon comparing notes, those who do so will find their dreams to be exactly the same in every respect. They occur on the same nights, and every detail is identical for those who have them, as if the same movie was played in everybody's heads.

((OOC Note: These dreams are opt-in. They are related to a developing TP. Any magical denizen of Tokyo could possibly have them, especially those strongly tied to dreams, but it is equally possible your character does not have them. It is completely up to you to decide.))

The Final Dream:

Kyubey sits on a rooftop, the illuminated nightscape of a city surrounding him. His emotionless pink eyes stare downwards at a scene below, in a small plaza between buildings.

Hana is there, all in white, and though it’s hard to tell from this distance, she seems even older than in the last dream, indicating yet more time has passed. She is also fighting for her life.

It appears that she is within a Witch’s Labyrinth, the landscape twisting around her- Kyubey is watching through the portal which serves as the entrance to that realm, normally invisible except to Puella, though of course he would be an exception.

More unusually, there are at least /three/ Witches in there with her. Although the portal is an imperfect window, glimpses of monstrous forms pass by amidst the fury of battle, along with hordes of Familiars, more than can be easily counted.

Hana’s own shadow-demons, her own form of familiar, are locked in combat with them as she is herself, but it’s clear that through sheer pressure of numbers, the Puella is having trouble fighting off the onslaught. A few moments of Kyubey watching in silence. Then another form drops down at his side. It’s a girl, obviously a Puella, younger than Hana and dressed in a black and white outfit. She is not familiar, but she regards the scene below with an expression between anger and satisfaction.

After a moment, Kyubey looks up at her. “It seems like your plan has succeeded, Aoi Tetsu. It was very devious of you, luring three Witches to the same location and then tricking Hana Shiroi into attempting to fight them.”

The girl tosses her head, dark hair flipping, her scowl unmoved. “That girl has been a plague on this city since I first Wished. She murders other Puella as easily as Witches, and those she doesn’t kill she drives away. She wants the whole city to herself, but that’s not fair to the rest of us. Somebody was going to take her out sooner or later.”

The girl glances down at Kyubey. “I should thank you, though, Kyubey. If you hadn’t tipped me off about the way she keeps her Soul Gem only half-cleansed, and alerted me to these three Witches being around at the same time, “ (a rather rare occurance), “I couldn’t have pulled it off.”

Kyubey says nothing for a moment. Then, in his always-chipper voice, he says, “Hana Shiroi was becoming a problem. A bottleneck, if you will. Removing her is the best choice for everyone, although the necessity makes me sad. She was a wonderful Magical Girl.”

It seems the battle below is reaching its inevitable conclusion. Hana can be seen stumbling, falling. A brief glimpse of her Soul Gem, completely black within the petals of the white flower at her waist before she is covered in a horde of angry Familiars.

“Soon it will be done.” Kyubey says, sounding suspiciously satisfied.

Then, a detonation. A magical explosion of such force that, although it takes place within the Labyrinth’s pocket-dimension, shockwaves radiate out to cause windows to rattle in their frames. Aoi raises a hand, crying out in shock. “What just happened?”

“The end of Hana Shiroi. A pity.” Kyubey says, sounding cheerful.

But then he pauses.. Pink eyes narrowing as he stares down at the Labyrinth portal. It’s unclear what he expects to see, but what he does see is clearly not it. There’s glimpses of the Familiars, and the three Witches. But all are still now, no longer raging, no longer fighting. They seem to be… waiting.

And then something else. The air wavers. Reality seems to grow thin- as if the surreal dreamlike unreality of the Labyrinth is bleeding out into the real world, although this should be impossible.

“What’s going on, Kyubey?” Aoi asks, suddenly sounding uncertain.

And then a form steps out through the portal. Hana, in her white outfit, looking much as she did when she entered. But that sense of warped reality grows stronger as she exits the Labyrinth, waves of altered space seeming to ripple out from her form.

“I.. am uncertain.” Kyubey says, and for the first time, as he looks down at the girl he thought never to see again, his voice sounds confused.

And when Hana looks up, though her face is the same, her eyes are different. No longer dark pools of shadow, they now shine with kaleidoscope colors- every color of the rainbow sliding through those irises in constant, rotating succession.

She does not smile.

Kyubey turns and leaps away.