Futari Wa Pretty Cure

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The Garden of Light is one of the most powerful wellsprings of good in the universes, tended by the Queen of Light. However, recently the Dusk Zone, a dimension lead by the vile Dark King, has begun to invade the Garden of Light and assault it. In order to prevent the Dark King from obtaining the Prism Stones, legendary jewels that ensure the Garden of Light's survival, two faries - The Princess of Hope, Mipple, and her chosen warrior Mepple, run to Earth and seek out legendary warriors known as Pretty Cure. Arriving on Earth, they find Nagisa and Honoka - two girls who are, unbeknownst to them, the Lengedary Pretty Cure! Now they battle the Dark King's servants, both sides fighting to obtain the Prism Stones in order to acheive their goals.