Getting The Word Out (Fu Inubouzaki)

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Getting The Word Out (Fu Inubouzaki)
Date of Cutscene: 28 January 2016
Location: Inubouzaki Residence
Synopsis: The report of severe weather finds its way to The President of the Hero Club. Time to get the word out and go be heroes!
Cast of Characters: Fu Inubouzaki

The droning of the news rings through the Inubouzaki apartment. Fu happens to be watching whilst cleaning up after dinner. She would be watching normal tv but as it turns out, the news is on most channels talking about a freak tropical storm. There is a lot of urgency in the weatherman's voice but so far there is no state of emergency. Still this is seriously important.

As the last dish is washed up and put away, Fu moves over to the couch and takes a seat. Quickly she pulls out her phone and sends a message to the Hero Club...

-I think it would be a good idea for us to go and Help get people to the shelter and help keep people calm if this big storm hits us.-

Just a short message is all that is needed. Still this is kinda worrisome. It's times like this she is happy her sister is visiting relatives out of town. Quietly she closes her eyes, thinking about just about everything. Mostly though about the Hero Club and the secrets behind it. Its her hope to never tell a soul about what the Taisha told her but how long can a secret this intense truly stay secret.

She shakes it off. Her gaze goes back to the TV and the horrible Storm that is being predicted. The trajectory of they have says it could hit by the weekend or miss entirely. The hit has her worried. Something just feels bad about this. She quickly sends another message.

-This feels really bad. I think we should plan for the worst.-

"Okay, what have I got to eat?" She asks herself even though she just cleaned up after dinner.