Go! Go! Seishin Kirin-Hime!

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In the Land of Quilen, there were five countries, governed by the Princesses of the Kirin. These five girls were bound to their lands through the Kirin Brooches, and held court with the spirits who made the world work. Chi You, treacherous advisor to the Yama Queen, refused to let this stand; he turned the spirit people against them through lies and deception. Evil forces went within the Princesses, and managed to corrupt two, turning them to the forces of darkness. Seeing that they had no choice, the remaining three fought against their once-friends. The result of the fight was the death of the Princesses, their essence cast into the void. The Kirin, each seeing this, took upon the essence of themselves and fled to Earth, where they have watched and waited to find the right child to become the next Princess to rule in the Land of Quilen - and try to repair the lie that has turned their world upside down. But the agents of the spirits who have taken on human form may prove to be their undoing...

Theme Contact: Nanako Tsukida