Good Evening, Infinity Ep. 1/First Aid (Shinobu Kimura)

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Good Evening, Infinity Ep. 1/First Aid (Shinobu Kimura)
Date of Cutscene: 23 January 2016
Location: Mitakihara - Infinity University
Synopsis: The first episode of DJ Hakumei's show as well as the aftermath of Shinobu's encounter with Riventon.
Cast of Characters: Shinobu Kimura, Hinote Kagari

The door to Shinobu's dorm flings open and in Shinobu walks quickly. Thankfully no one's seen her coming in. Immediately her shirt comes off and she begins examining the damage done during her fight with Riventon. It's not good. There are at least three deep gashes along her side. She should be going to the hospital but she doesn't. Quickly she makes her way to her washroom where she grabs a first aid kit. It's small and not designed for this level of damage. Too bad it's going to have to work. She pops it open and pulls out the bane of her existence. Rubbing alcohol. She doesn't bother putting it on anything. She simply splashes it on her body. "AHHH! HOLY CRAP! IT BURNS!!" She cries out as tears flow from her eyes. That may have hurt worse than the actual damage from the fight. To distract her from the pain, she turns on the radio. She hadn't bothered looking at the time because that is the last thing on her mind. A familiar voice begins to speak out...


"Don't trust your eyes, they are deceiving you. Trust me. Would I lie to you? Good Evening, Infinity."

Soft music begins playing on cue as the mysterious woman's words ring out.

"This past week concludes our first week back to school. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. At least that is what the school officials say. In reality, The lunch of Kourou Yamaguchi came to life. Rumor has it, that the young man's chicken patty grew to near human sizes. The rice formed its eyes and bread made up it's limbs. It proceeded to harass students by hurling condiments at them and letting loose ungodly cries of, "I did not order mayonnaise, I ordered pimento loaf." The day was allegedly saved by some sort of strange magical incantation from an unknown source. Can this be believed? I'll let you decided.

"This week will be largely uneventful, Students are expected to treat it as such. For those of you wondering about the strange noises from door to the roof, pay no mind to it. It's not eaten a student in at least six months and it is unlikely to start eating students again. Do keep your fingers from its handle though, that is where it's alleged mouth is.

"This just in, The pool on the second floor is backed up with dragon scales. Now it is common knowledge that dragons are a fictitious invention created by our teachers to prevent us from asking too many questions. This leads me to believe that this is some sort of third year prank set on us by the high schoolers. Shame shame shame.

"Tomorrow is hat day. Wear your favorite hat all day and just enjoy how wonderful you look in it. At sun down, Head to the park. Bury it. Hide that positive energy until its time for your exams. As long as you remember where it's buried, you will have a lucky hat filled with positive energy so you can face your exams with confidence and good cheer! Will it allow you to overlook studying? Probably not but we can hope can't we?

"This Wednesday is Back Rub Day. Give your friends a backrub. Conceal the fact that you are in fact searching for their weakest point so when they inevitably betray you, you can more swiftly destroy them. All in the name of a good back rub. And now listeners, A special Bulletin."

"My friends, I bring you loathesome news today. A threat is coming to this fair city. A very dangerous disaster of great proportions. Now I do not expect you to believe me. I am but a voice on the airwaves. What would I know about such a fierce calamity? As such I, Hakumei, your humble civil servant have sought out a well known friend of this community, One whose family has supported this city and continues to do so. My friends, I give you Mr. Hinote Kagari."

"Well. That is correct. You should seek out shelter, and follow the advice of the civil servicemen and women that will no doubt be coming to your aid. Please stay turned to an emergency broadcast channel for instructions- and please remember, do not panic, and everything will be okay, hopefully, soon enough." says Hinote confidently.

"That Was Mr. Hinote Kagari. Pay attention to the news and when they say to go, do so. Take only what you need, don't worry about luxuries as they with hope they will be there when you return. This is your host, DJ Hakume with this special bulletin."

"And now Listeners, I must bid you farewell for this episode of Good Evening, Infinity. While many of these silly things are simply that, behind every myth a grain of truth can be found. You decide what you choose to believe.

"This is your host, DJ Hakumei saying, may your dreams be as you wish them to be."