Good Things Come In Threes (Koji Silvia)

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Good Things Come In Threes (Koji Silvia)
Date of Cutscene: 13 September 2017
Location: The Silvia Home
Synopsis: After all this time, Tyrfing finally wakes up, and the two learn about their new condition. (This happens after 'Three Mages Meet in An Indian Restaurant...'
Thanks to: Catastrophic Crunch!
Cast of Characters: Koji Silvia

It's been 48 hours since the Meister excused Koji and Rashmi from the TSAB Remnant headquarters, and only a couple hours since he'd left the Korma Chameleon. Now dinner is left out on his study desk in his new room, the darker wood panelling of the place a nice and warming presence compared to the white walls of his old place.

"I really should tell Mister Chiba thanks for helping us find this place. It's really nice. I love the courtyard garden."


After going so long without hearing the voice that was so familiar in his mind, Koji had to blink a few moments and taken in a deep breath. Reaching over to one side, he takes up the new form of Tyrfing, the metal pencil-case with the snow leopard engraving on it. This time, the eyes glows, a faint but constant glimmer.



Yeah, kid. Who'd you think it was.

Koji just sputtered a moment, and started hugging the case to his chest firmly, and just started gushing, "Oh god, oh god oh god oh god, I was so scared I'd never hear you again! I mean the Meister said it'd take some time for you to reboot, but I never th-"

The... who?

Gulping once, Koji puts the case back down on the table, and then says a bit sheepishly, "We... I... didn't have a choice. I mean... you were broken and couldn't fix yourself. When the Meister examined you he said it was because your artificial Linker Core was mostly burned out. The only way you could fix yourself was by using Mana, and my mana wasn't strong enough to repair a Device of your power. We had to do something. It was like my parents all over again. The TSAB was the only group with the skill we could trust."

After the long silence...

Well, hell. Okay... I can't fault you for that. So. How bad was it?

"Pretty bad." Koji replied, taking a breath and adjusting his glasses, "Using Sternschnuppe Singulariaet did exactly what you thought it would. So... why did you let me do it?"

Because. You thought she killed him. And maybe you didn't get the letter, Koji, but your friends are mine. I wasn't gonna let it slide either.

And then after that, Tyrfing adds, every word causing the blue gem in the cat's eye to flare and fade in synch...

So did we get her?

That statement almost has Koji laughing, in fact he pushes his head to the desk as his shoulders shake a bit, and he looks back up almost in tears, "What do you mean? Of course we won."


"Tyrfing, is everything allright?"

Sorry... I've got some holes in the short-term. Last thing I remember was activating the formulae for Sternschnuppe Singulariaet and trying to manage the mana load... after that, it's all sort of a blank.


No stealing my lines.

"Right." Koji says with a sigh, and then tries to brighten things up with a change of topic, "So... you're not all Belkan anymore, I hope you're not angry about it. But in order to fix you, they had to use some parts they had around, with one little surprise..."

The pencil case shudders like there's a vibrating micromotor in it, Wait, what the hell, Koji! What'd you let them do to me?! How... much..?

Gulping, the young man scuffs his foot on the ground, and then takes a breath, "Well, you're still mostly Belkan. Mostly. We're still Merged... they can't do that. And your Core's more of an amplifier now. They sort of refined what you were already doing. So now you're about as strong as what they called an A-Class Mage, but you specialize in Energy Management. They couldn't make you as strong as you used to be with the parts they had available."

Once more there's a bit of silence, and then a heavy mental sigh from the feline Device.

Welp. I suppose it is what it is. Sera'd rather I be alive and kicking, right?

Koji nods, "That's... the thing. They used a couple defunct devices, but one of them was apparently Divine Wing."



Huh. s'pose there's some justice in that. Think she'd be pleased her old partner helped her out one last time.

"Yeah. I guess."

Allright. So hit me with it. What'd we lose.

That causes Koji to get up and move around for a bit, even going to check his door and make sure his parents were actually asleep and not trying to listen in. Once he's sure, he closes and locks the door before moving to sit on the bed, "Okay... this'll take some explaining."

All ears, kid. Not like I can go anywhere.

Then the young man begins to talk, "So when the Meister opened up your Grimoire and your core systems, he discovered you had some subroutines you didn't know where there. Autonomous Command Mode it was called. Anyways... according to that you were supposed to be part of an army. Whoever bonded with you as your Lord could then tactically coordinate, support, and directly boost the three under you to help fight Midchildian mages better. He said that if the Shutrans had actually managed to deploy you properly, that the war might have had a last minute turn. But anyways..."

As Koji trails off, Tyrfing replies, So what does this have to do with us? Get to the point Kid.

"Sure, Sure." The young human Mage says, "So they couldn't restore all your combat functionality or re-integrate your full Grimoire. Instead they got this idea from reading over your Autonomous Command System. They took Divine Wing's parts, and another broken Device called Guardian Brace and combined them with you. We don't have the multi-form weapons like we did before, but we've got these."

Reaching into the pencil case after sliding it open, he takes out one of those blue-crystal capped pens inside, showing it to the eye of the snow leopard engraving.

No offense Koji, but I just I got no legs, and you think a PEN is gonna make me feel better?

"It's not about the pen, it's what it does!"

Then don't bury the damn lead! Out with it!

At this point, Koji tries to show rather than tell. He closes his eyes and focuses on the pen proper. After a few moments of concentration, he releases the pen and it continues to float there in the air. With a small whirring sound from internal parts, it begins to reshape into a sort of oblong diamond shape, pointed end forwards and the blue crystal in the back and glowing slightly.

I... wait... I can feel that. What the hell is it?

Without missing a beat, Koji declares, "An Autonomous Bit!" And then he actually seems to ponder that, "That doesn't really sound all that fancy, does it. They really need some better names... something punchy..."


"... Something Combat Utility... no... makes you sound like-"


"... I know... Unity Blades. Ugh, that sounds like a shaving kit..."



The drone turns and poke-bumps Koji in the head. CUT IT OUT!

Both Koji and the drone stare at each other in surprise.

Allright. Take it from the top... and stop talking about me like I'm in one of your video games. Take a breath. Go.