Grandpa's Fishy Intuition (Reiko Touyama)

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Grandpa's Fishy Intuition (Reiko Touyama)
Date of Cutscene: 12 December 2015
Location: Touyama Household
Synopsis: Reiko's grandpa figured it out. Oops.
Cast of Characters: Reiko Touyama

Reiko Touyama came in with the charmed bracelet around her wrist. Ikiko had made it for her! It'd help with the 'bad luck' of the doll that followed Misa jealously along. Now she could face Misa with more confidence. She felt good.

Though she felt a certain weirdness when she walked through her living room. Nothing.. bad? Her chroma crystal wasn't being set off at least. It was just dark. It was nighttime now afterall.

"Little fish, you're home late, what kept you!" asked the gruff- yet kind voice of age and wisdom- Grandpa Toki Touyama. He was sitting in the big, comfy recliner in the main room.

Reiko smiled. "Grandpa! Oh. I um. Stayed at a friends for dinner. I hope that was okay...." she says softly. "Are mom and dad home yet?..." she asked a little more less thrilled. He shook his head. "Not yet. Probably not for a few hours. Which is good, I wanted to talk to you about something..." he said ominously. Reiko looked expectant. "What about, Grandpa?.... Did.. I forget to do a chore!? I'm sorry! Maybe I did it's been a busy week!" she said with worried eyes.

Grandpa shook his head. "Nothing like that, little fish, rather.... I want to ask about your little friends." he asked. Reiko head tilted curiously. On cue- one of those tiny magical koi appeared, copying her puzzled expression. "Friends...?" asked Reiko. "Well..there's.. Ikiko-chan and... Mi----" Grandpa raised a hand.

"Not those friends, fish, I mean. Your fish friends." he said motioning over to the koi. Who immediately /looked shocked and popped away into a sparkle/. Reiko also looked shocked. "Buh!? can see them Grandpa!? long!? Why..didn't you...say something earlier!?" begged Reiko.

Grandpa merely smiled. "Sometimes old eyes and ears need some time to figure out what they're seeing and hearing." he said tapping the side of his head. "- along with some other worries, Reiko-chan..." using her name proper now. "How you end up in the hospital a lot. How you seem down for no reasons. How it's common for you to sometimes disappear at night."

Reiko looked ashamed. Grandpa knew something was up!? Something bizarre and strange and didn't say anything? He was worried? She sort of crossed her arms in front of her and could really only blush... "I guess I can't hide it from you.. G..grandpa..." she said shakily. "-but you can't tell mom and dad." she said approaching Grandpa and sliding into the recliner next to him. He merely chuckled and gave Reiko a head ruffle. "Now when I have ever told your parents anything you've told me in secret, little fish." he said softly. Reiko merely took a deep sigh. "Grandpa... I'm a Magical Girl!" there. She said it. " in anime! And there's many others too and---and...!" she began to panic. Grandpa merely shushed her suddenly.

"Calm down. I believe you." he said softly. "I mean.. I wouldn't know how you'd explain tiny floating koi." he said with a grin. "..but take a big breath, and be a big brave fish for me and tell me from the start okay...?"

Reiko took a deep breath. "Um... remember. How Mei-chan and I play that make believe game... Prism Keepers? Well um. Something made it real. I mean. It /was/ just a game but-- I took Mei-chan to the park one day and some monster-- a Shade from the game! attacked and drained all the color---she turned into Prism Keeper Red and---the bird I drew.. do you remember me showing you that? He was real too! And--- I had to save Red and-- so.. um, Roy, the bird gave me.. um..." she removes the chroma crystal from under her shirt on the necklace- the crystal glowing a dull orange right now. "My Chroma Crystal. And...I was Orange. Like the game...." she says softly. "With the koi and everything.- and... Grandpa there's so much I have to tell you! There's so many people out there who want to hurt others...and---and----"

Grandpa Touyama stepped in again, shushing again. "Calm down, little fish. No wonder you get hurt a lot... and sneak out at night... and seem so down. It's okay. I'm not upset. This just answers my questions, Reiko-chan." he said learning down to give her a tiny peck on the forehead. This made Reiko feel better. "I can't pretend I know how you feel, but I know I have a good idea. You remember all the stories I've told you, right?" the old man smiled.

Reiko managed a smile from her worried state. "Yes, Grandpa!" she said. Grandpa Touyama seemed contemplative for a moment. "So... can you show me- how you transform? How you look? So I know who to look for when I don't see my little fish around.." he asked softly with a wink. Reiko blinked- and then.. "Oh! Well. um. I can transform, yes Grandpa--if you really want to see.. how silly I look..."

Reiko stepped up from the chair and walked to the middle of the room and gripped her crystal, holding it up high and calling out. "Chroma Prism Power! Orange!"-- and there was a flash of light that lit up the dark room- casting orange about. The glasses she wore disappeared, her t-shrit and jeans were replaced with a intricate dress that Grandpa remembered from some of the drawings he'd been shown. Two tiny fairy wings popping into existence on her back-- and a headband, that two tiny koi tied into a ribbon-- one forming into a fish-shaped clip at the base of the bow. Usually- this where she'd pose and call out at something-- but instead she just looked awkward. "This is usually cooler when I have something or someone to point at, and yell about..." she mutters.

"...I may have used this to eat a lot of donuts behind your back...." she then muttered.

"I'm sorry Grandpa..." she finally admitted.

Grandpa merely looked delighted. "It really /is/ exactly like that picture you showed me, little fish." he said. "I bet some of those people you mention tremble in their boots when you show up!"

Reiko merely blushed and kicked the ground. "Not really. No one takes the koi seriously until they're flung at them or I'm shooting color energy at them. Really only one did.. and that was Griselda..." she mutters.

Grandpa frowned. The name was familiar. "So... when your story came to life... it brought the 'bad guys' to life too? That's....." he said a little more worriedly. Reiko merely threw her arms in front of her- the henshin sparkled away in a release of orange energy. "I can take it!" she insists. "I protected Mei-chan! I protected my friends and--- all those people that Shade tried to drain. I fought Griselda with a friend and stopped her-- even if barely. I even have a creepy jealous doll following me around now because I refuse to stop helping someone!" she said bravely.

---and just like, perhaps, magic, the worry overtaking Grandpa's face disappeared. "That's my big brave fish....!" he said with a smile. "Just remember... now that I know if you ever need to talk, Reiko-chan... I can listen. I still find this rather amazing, but in the end, you're still my granddaughter- and now that I know... well." he says. "I can help keep up appearances with your parents." he winks.

Reiko merely smiled. "Thank's Grandpa... I um..." she said. "Always kind of wondered how you'd take it if you ever found out..." she beams and then gave her playful salute!...

Sgt. Fins appeared in his tiny koi military hat and also saluted just off of Reiko's right shoulder.

Grandpa Touyama burst out laughing and didn't stop for a while.