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On MahouMUSH, the term Group refers to a small group, that may be a mini-organization, like 'Phantom Empire', or a 'Pretty Cure Team'. It can also refer to a grouping within another faction, such as an Eclipse Research Division. While these can be created and organized without staff approval, there are things that need to be done, Admin side, to add you to the +groups listing, and show it on your +finger!

The process for doing this is incredibly simple. That is, merely send a +request to the +request box. (+help +request). In the request please give us the name, purpose and leader of the Group- and a list of members that should be in it. We will typically never 'deny' a group application- but there should generally be at least two playable characters (played or unplayed) in a group to qualify for it's own +group listing.

When you are added to a group, it will appear in the 'Groups' listing above the Skills section of your +finger. You can be in more than one group, and they will all appear in the listing.

To be added, or removed, from a group, merely send a +request requesting so, and we'll do that for you. You should typically talk to the leader of a group before asking to be added.