Happiness Charged! (Haruna Kurosawa)

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Happiness Charged! (Haruna Kurosawa)
Date of Cutscene: 26 March 2016
Synopsis: Haruna has a talk with herself to remind her about what's important in tough times.
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa

Haruna Kurosawa woke up with a start. She had another nightmare. Every time it was a little different, so she didn't blame something supernatural or magical. It was just pure stress and worry affecting her. She'd had Boris over- the poor ol' seeing eye husky sleeping at the foot of her bed. She wasn't going to let Boris-kun be alone.

It was still early morning but she dragged herself out of bed anyways. She looked at herself in the mirror and closed her eyes....

"Hannah-chan..." she mutters softly. "...Why do you think you're not worth the effort... I know you're not a diamond..." she rubbed water over her eyes, those words Hannah had told her so long ago still echoed to her even now.. "...but you're still precious to me." she began brushing her hair.

Blonde locks got smoothed out as she began to affix her hairclip into her hair carefully. just over the right ear. Adjust it's feathers. "...and if given the chance. I'd do what I did again, because you are..." she continued to talk to herself. "...I always felt alone, until I met you--- and when I was at my darkest, when I couldn't be reached, you ran yourself ragged trying to find me, and bring me back, along with everyone else."

"..and that is why I can't give up. Why I won't give up. Because you'd do the same for me.. you /did/ the same for me."

She leans forward into the mirror, still talking to herself. "But most of all.. you make me happy." she smiled, wiping away the tiredness, into the mirror, finally.

"--and that's the most important thing of all..!"