Haruna's Best Valentines! (Haruna Kurosawa)

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Haruna's Best Valentines! (Haruna Kurosawa)
Date of Cutscene: 14 February 2016
Location: Infinity University Gym
Synopsis: Despite all that's happened the past month, Haruna's Valentine's Day is still way way better than it's been in years. Aki admits she's wrong. Corvus has a secret admirer!?
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa

Haruna Kurosawa was in Infinity's girl gym. She was attempting to beat up the punching bag. She was getting better. She was getting some tone to her arms after the past few months. She'd /never/ be as good as Hannah-chan is- she thought, but this felt good- maybe she could help the team to finals this upcoming school year. When she started this months back, she almost broke her hand a few times. Now her punches were nice and solid. Whump. Whump. Whump. Her form was still novice, but it was practiced.

Corvus was on her shoulder in a tiny adorable sweatshirt and a towel over his shoulder looking like the 1980's movie version of a boxing coach. He mostly kept silent.

"Hey." said a voice from behind Haruna. She had to stop, because the voice belonged to her sister. "Heh... you know. When I said you should think about joining a club. I thought more like the Art or Anime Club." Aki Kurosawa said. "Never thought you'd get into something actually active. It's nice though." she said, putting her hands into her pockets. Haruna smiled and merely gave her sister a hug. "Happy Valentines Day, sis~" she said.

Aki oofh'ed a bit. "Yeah that's a tight one." she chuckled at the hug. "Happy V-day!" then a pause. "So--uh. I figured I'd come down here and talk to you because I did some thinking." she said. Haruna raised her brow. "Oh? Did you decide if you wanna move out of the dorm yet or not?~" she asked teasingly. Aki shook her head. "No-- it's about well, you know. Hannah."

Haruna smiled. "I'm getting her chocolate later- something nice, you know. You should come with me. I'm sure there's a lucky boy or two expecting something from you, right?~" she asks. Aki shook.. then nodded-- then-- shook/nodded confusedly and then just threw her hands up. "Ugh-- right, yeah, I'll do that." she says. "But-- that's not why I came down here--it's just. Well...." she says. "Sorry about... not trusting her and junk." she mumbled.

Haruna leaned in, mock surprise on her face. "Is Aki Kurosawa admitting she made a mistake!?" she asked teasingly, before giving Aki another hug. "No worries, sis! I know you and her don't get along and it's probably because you're afraid I'll get hurt. I trust Hannah-chan! So you should too." Aki merely nodded, rubbing a hand behind her head. "Just afraid she was using you- I'm familiar with her type- you know?, but.... kinda. Really can't fake loosing a limb for someone, you know?"

Haruna nodded. "Well. Her parents really wanna meet you and Corvus, so that should happen soon. They think Corvus is a pet though. They said... 'You're a part of the family, too!'." she insists. "And I showed them pictures and everything! They're really nice people, Aki. They're just a little silly and crazy is all.... and to be honest, I do want you to bury the hatchet with Hannah regardless." Haruna said, adding the last bit hesitantly.

"I mean. She's not exactly a shining diamond..." she said, remembering the own term Hannah used before, when describing herself when she was 'Scorn'. "...but she means well. She isn't going to hurt me on purpose." Haruna said matter of factly. "--and hey, in the event we do need to punch each other--like I told you, Hannah REALLLLY loves fighting. Pah-pow!" Haruna exclaimed as she threw a mock punch forward.

Aki raised her hands and laughed a bit. "Alright.. alright. I'll find her and talk to her, all by myself. Like a big girl." she said teasingly. Haruna merely smiled. "This is turning out to be a pretty great Valentine's Day we've had in a long time~"

Corvus merely nodded his head in agreement, as he now had a heart shaped box of chocolates in one wing and was busy eating them. Haruna blinked. "Huh... Corvus!? Who gave you chocolate!?" she gasped! She most certainly didn't buy him any! "Was it a lady seagull!?"

"It's my secret~" said Corvus with a wink. Haruna and Aki merely giggled themselves into a fit.