Hatched Plans (Rocky Road)

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Hatched Plans (Rocky Road)
Date of Cutscene: 30 October 2015
Location: Easter Corp.
Synopsis: Tsukumo gets his big break. Only the help he gets isn't what he wanted at all.
Thanks to: Ikuto for getting in on this plot!
Cast of Characters: {{{Cast of Characters}}}

Tsukumo poured through the data that he could garner from the scroll. The scroll had the familiar seal of four silver-white clovers- pointed towards each other with a lock in the middle. It had lain at the bottom of a box that a reconnaissance team had brought back during the event 'Featherfall Event'. That stupid crow was more trouble than he was worth- really- but he'd made a good distraction.

More important though- the scroll betrayed to him it's secrets after many weeks of studies.

There was an artifact even Tsukasa didn't know existed out there. It was /exciting/. When he reported this- he was promised all sorts of promotions--- an actual budget! He wouldn't have to leech off the scrapings that those above him right now would leave for him that technically qualified as /funding/.

Of course, he was promised these promotions if he could actually obtain the artifact. He'd tentatively called it the 'Eggcatcher'- what it was- was an 'Egg Scanner'- You could measure a Heart Egg's 'strength' with it- supposedly- according to what he could garner from whatever arcane forgotten words the scroll was written in. Such a thing could save so much time searching for the Embyro! Why bother stealing random heart eggs when you could know it wasn't worth the attempt anyways? Less obvious operations meant less interference.

Tsukumo was able to divine what he was looking for- and where they were. Pieces of a large gem- he'd seen one like it in the museum in Penguin Park before. Then something like one in the Augusta. The last one--- he wasn't sure- but he knew it was in Tokyo somewhere.

Tsukumo asked for a retrieval team he could boss around to get these items- what he got wasn't what he truly wanted.

"Nrg.... the damn /cat/...." he said worried. "...better not mess my chance up...." Tsukumo said to himself.