He's back

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He's back
Date of Cutscene: 05 May 2017
Location: infinity university
Synopsis: Pin is back to wreck trouble in Unmei's life again, this time going after her adoptive family.
Cast of Characters: Unmei

Unmei gave a soft yawn as she walked through the halls, wiping her eyes. She was going to enjoy going home. Watch some anime, maybe see if she could get Kun to paly some more go with her. Or maybe they'd watch another history show, she always liked--

A moment later she was yanked to the side with a gasp. Before she could scream, an arm was put to her throat, pinning her by it. She choked and tugged on the arm. "Hey, sis," an all-too-familiar voice said. "Don't scream and I'll let you go."

Unmei nodded rapidly and, a moment later, she could breath. "W-what? Ichika? What are you--" The words died in her throat when she saw a golden clip in the girl's hair. She stared at it. "Where did... you get that?"

The girl just smirked. "Haven't you wondered why no one has been coming after you? They don't need you any more. I'm carrying Pin, now. You disrespectful little brat."

"W-what? No. Ichika, please. You don't understand what-- grk!" She was cut off by another hand on her throat.

"I'm coming to give you a warning. That's all. I want you to stay out of my way. The gem is mine now. No telling anyone, no warning anyone. I'm going to use it, you're going to not cause any grief. And... if you, I'll remove your little friends, okay? Understand?"

Unmei stared up into the girl's eyes. They were almost glowing red. "I-I..."

"Do you understand?!" Ichika snapped, slamming her into the wall and pinning her there.

Unmei nodded rapidly, tears in her eyes. "Y-yes. Yes, I got it, please don't hurt me. I-I won't tell anyone!"

"Good," the girl said, letting her go.

Then the pin turned into a small, golden peacock. It stared down at her, a knowing grin on its face. "Hello, old master," he said casually. "I've missed you."

"P-Pin," Unmei said softly. "Why are you doing this? Please. I thought you were..."

"Finished? I still have a duty to do," Pin said with a shake of his head. "You abandoned me. So I had to improvise. But, if you'd come back, I--"

"What?" Ichika hissed. "She can't come back. She doesn't deserve to. This is MY power now."

"It was hers, first. Unmei, Eclipse always has a--"

"I'm not coming back," Unmei whispered, shaking her head. "Never, ever, ever. No matter what. I... I'm free now."

Pin sighed. "Very well. You brought this on yourself and everyone around you. Just remember that." The bird turned back into a pin a moment later.

Ichika chuckled, before sucker punching Unmei and dropping the girl to her knees. "Remember. Not a word to anyone. Or I'll break you. Then your little friends. I can't believe you gave this up, you little freak."

Unmei whimpered, clutching her stomach and resting on her knees, waiting for the pain to fade. One thing clear in her mind.

She had to tell the others. She had to get help.