Headlines (Kunzite)

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Headlines (Kunzite)
Date of Cutscene: 16 December 2017
Location: Earth Court Frat House
Synopsis: An article catches Kazuo's attention. (OOC: seriously, this happened RL)
Cast of Characters: Kunzite

The headline caught Kazuo's eye in passing. He skimmed international news as a matter of course, noting details in areas of interest (or areas of guilt) but preferring not to let it become a full-time job. Still, Italy he highlighted for Izumi's sake. And this time he clicked through.

Rome revokes Ovid's exile

'Grave wrong repaired'
Redazione ANSA

14 December 2017

He read the article in English; he spoke more languages than he had a right to, but Italian wasn't one of them. Then he delved into research. Roman poet; banished to modern Romania by the Roman Emperor Augustus two thousand and nine years ago, around the same time that two of the Emperor's grandchildren were banished to islands, and the husband of one of them executed for conspiracy.

Two thousand and nine years.

"Well," Kazuo said to the silent screen. "Maybe there's some hope for us after all."