Heartbreaking (Lacrima)

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Heartbreaking (Lacrima)
Date of Cutscene: 26 November 2017
Location: Lacrima's Manor
Synopsis: Just when things were settling down...
Cast of Characters: Norie Okana

Lacrima finally left Mamoru's apartment. Alexis-niisan was up and talking coherently. She felt safe enough to leave him there. She'd still visit, of course, but she wasn't living in one of the closets there. She wanted to get back to her manor. She wanted to go to Eilam-kun's later.

More importantly she wanted to get into her coffin for a proper rest. She made her way down the basement steps, closing the old door behind her as she walked past the old wines that survived the years in the old manor, and down the small corridor- past an old storage room, a room that contained a more moderen water heater that replaced the manors old one and into....

It used to be a fancy basement game room. The kind with a pool table and a card table. She'd removed that all when she made it her own personal room in the basement. Now there were two tables on either side of the room that had 'candles' on them, that were light fixtures. There was a red carpet on the floor, with a purple intersection that lead to a fairly ornate coffin in the middle. There was a small desk, and an old wardrobe.

But more importantly, on the desk sat her personal phone. Not the one she usually carried around she could burn if she had it. And it was occasionally buzzing. With the notification light set into the top blinking. Ugh. She forget it here when they went to rescue Alexis-niisan. It was probably complaining about it's battery dying. She plugged it in and checked the screen.

Five texts waiting. Hold Here to Review!

Huh? She barely got any texts or calls on her personal phone like that. Maybe... it was Ryo. She held down on the notification. No. It wasn't Ryo. It was... Natsumi-chan...? Natsumi-chan!

She began reading. Natsumi wasn't responding to her texts for a while. She figured her mother perhaps took her phone away again. How worse could it be? It was her mother texting through her account, it looked like. It lacked Natsumi's normal text patterns. So it was worse.

Way worse.

How... how could she. What right? Breakup!? Not allowed to see her!? What gave her the right!?

She tried to angrily text back.

This number is no longer reachable.

Crack. The screen cracked as she pressed it way too hard. The shimmer of rainbow that an LCD made waving out across the screen when it was pressed too hard. She then threw it against the wall. It shattered easily enough.

Shaking. She was shaking. What was this feeling!? It was like. Mad! and Sad! and.. and Devastated! and Angry! all at once!

Then the crying came. The usual black ichor. She was so tired after the whole situation with Alexis. So tired. She'd make someone pay after a rest. She just. Had to lay down. Right now. Closing the cover of the coffin over her.