Heartfelt Echoes (Ikiko Hisakata)

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Heartfelt Echoes (Ikiko Hisakata)
Date of Cutscene: 30 November 2015
Location: Somewhere in Tokyo
Synopsis: Ikiko's empathic emotional bond with Ayana undergoes some severe, unexpected trauma. What has gone wrong?

((OOC Note: this scene occurs concurrently with scenes #644 (Gloom) and #649 (The Heart of the Matter), and touches on certain actions of those scenes.))

Cast of Characters: Ikiko Hisakata

((OOC Note: this scene occurs concurrently with Gloom (content warning: contains emotional and psychological abuse) and The Heart of the Matter, and touches on certain actions of those scenes.))

The sorrow hit her unexpectedly.

Ikiko had been walking along doing errands when a pulse of despair strikes like a punch to the gut. She staggers for a moment, regaining her bearings, then heads to a nearby bench to sit down.

"Wha... what was that?" she whispered to herself. Still recovering energy from when Ayana drained her, Ikiko was trying to take it easy, and for the most part she was managing well enough, although she couldn't manage to completely henshin into Tsukiko the last time she tried.

Still, that sorrow... it felt like Ayana. It seemed to come from the same places where she could feel Ayana's emotions, but Ayana was nowhere to be seen -- not close enough to determine a direction to the foxgirl.

But Ikiko could still feel it. Even from beyond the normal range, and even with her magic as low as it is, she could feel it. And if she's feeling it, despite the factors dampening it...

"Ayana," she whispered, eyes wide with worry for her friend.

Ikiko reaches for her cellphone, but the looming despair and her low energy makes her dizzy for a few moments. "Ugh," she groans, trying to ease the feeling of disorientation. The more she tries to focus on Ayana, the more dizzy Ikiko gets; trying to contact her via cellphone is out of the question.

After several minutes, the feeling of sorrow fades away, and with it the headache. Ikiko carefully stands up, a frown on her face. "That...ugh," she groans. "I'd better head home; it's not wise to try risking that while out and about."

About half an hour later, when she is a neighborhood or so away from her home, Ikiko gets struck by another unexpected feeling -- but this time, it's not an emotion. Darkness and doom slam into the bond, sending her reeling and forcing her to lean against a wall in order to keep her balance. A tsunami of negative energy, battering her-that-isn't-her, playing a diabolical mix of pinball, tennis, and pachinko with her heart--

--no, with her bond with Ayana. That inadvertent bridge, that link of emotions... that is what is being mercilessly pummeled, with her own heart being wrenched and bruised by extension!

Then there is a sudden convulsive glitch, and all that is left of the maelstrom is an ominous cloud of worry...

And the mangled remains of the empathic bond.

"A-Ayana..." Ikiko wheezes, eyes watering at the mental pain that erupts at trying to think of the foxgirl. "What... happened...?"

No answers seem to come, and even the idea of using her cellphone worsens the ache. Ikiko staggers towards home, wincing as she goes, the worry laying heavy on her. Perhaps once she has recovered enough energy, she can focus. Perhaps once she's feeling better, she can find out. Perhaps...

Perhaps she can stop this sense of disaster.