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For a long time, Valhalla has existed, researching immortality by means both light and dark. Additionally they kept a watch on the Jotunn, people transformed into monsters by evil rocks called Iounn, imprisoning them underground in a place they've named Hel. With their research they occasionally replicated the Vanir, magical girls who can only bind and have kept the Jotunn underground, ensuring they couldnt hurt anyone. For various reasons, they've kept this is a secret from the outside world.

A few years ago, Eirin Wakahisa discovered a much safer, more consistent process to make magical girls - the Einherjar. Under her direction, the organization has slowly been turning in a somewhat lighter direction. Einherjar are much weaker and have to work on teams and risk their lives to capture the Jotunn... but overall Valhalla has decided that they are a much less risky means of dealing with the issue of Jotunn for now.

Many Einherjar were wounded or killed in combat with the Jotunn, and their lives have been difficult and gloomy, though worthwhile. Recently, however, in a moment of pure selflessness an Einherjar changed into something different, the transformation crystal she used as an Einherjar turning bright pink as she transformed into Aesir Hope-Chan. With their new Aesir, capable of doing more than merely binding the evil and religating it to Hel, perhaps Valhalla has a brighter hope for the future!

Theme Contact: Saki Yamayuki