Honmeigri-Choco? (Takashi Agera)

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Honmeigri-Choco? (Takashi Agera)
Date of Cutscene: 14 March 2017
Location: Mizuno Residence Front Door
Synopsis: Takashi might be able to avoid Ami, but he hasn't been able to avoid White Day in general.
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera

Takashi Agera is always some degree of busy in his lab, or waiting on some experiment to produce results, or stealing energy. But even his general lack of awareness can't help but miss out on all the loud social ques and screaming that White Day is today and that there are certain reciprocal requirements when a girl has given you chocolate, of either kind, on this day.

And he DID recieve some chocolate. And it wasn't obligation chocolate. The fact that he probably wouldn't get squat now doesn't change that. And his personal value system for chocolate that Ami's handmade is still putting that in the scale of having to do something back. And so he spent part of the afternoon first digging up the chocolate recipie, looking for ways to improve it... then trying to find a way to match the taste WITHOUT Dark Energy.

Which was harder than it sounded. And took longer than expecting. Cooking is not Takashi's first skill. And with him leaving it until the last day, several failed attempts means it's very late when he shows up at Ami's door with a rather large chocolate box tucked under his arm - large enough for two or three people!

It's knocking at the door he hesitates on. For a while. For long enough for a certain doctor, coming home, to walk up to him. She looks at him as she puts the keys in the door, and Takashi makes the connections pretty quickly. It's Ami's mother. Takashi has not had a good history with mothers, and time for this to be in the right place on what's really White Day is winding down.

This is why a confused Doctor Mizuno gets a big box of chocolates shoved at her by Takashi, as he wordspews "this is for Ami from Takashi for White Day please thank you bye!" before Takashi leaves fast enough that even though he didn't jump through the Dusk Zone, a viewer might be forgiven for thinking that.

At home, back in his lab, going over it all and his reactions, the only thing he can think is, why can't relationships be as simple as particle physics?