Hope pushed to a limit. (Daisuke Hansuke)

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Hope pushed to a limit. (Daisuke Hansuke)
Date of Cutscene: 29 October 2015
Location: An Alleyway near Infinity University
Synopsis: Daisuke Hansuke wakes up in a cold damp place after a harrowing experience.
Cast of Characters: Daisuke Hansuke

Daisuke Hansuke woke up. He was face up in an alley, and there was a slight drizzle in the air that made everything he was wearing a little damp. He didn't feel soaked, so he couldn't had been out long. What happened? Oh. Right---- that girl in a sailor suit. A tuxedo clad gentleman- Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen - and some evil jerk who was insisting whatever that horrible thing was an /experiment/.

He could had sworn he felt, and saw a cat on him. Luna? Maybe not. Whoever the cat was- left the moment he opened his eyes apparently. Did Luna see who he was? Was she going to tell anyone....?

He was a little relieved. Whatever state he was just in didn't involve a dream or a nightmare that made him feel confused or helpless or anything. He stood up and then immediately began to fall backward. He ended up against the wall and fell on his butt. Great. Whatever he was recovering from he wasn't finished with it yet.

At least he was awake now. He probably should had told the truth to that tuxedo guy. That he was going to be able to help the child who'd been.... possessed? for lack of a better word for it in his head right now- and then he was going to probably pass out. He knew that was going to happen. That was okay. It let him take Sailor Moon, who passed out away without worrying about him too. Something about that seemed.....

Intense?- the hand holding... the speech and words... It was more than friendship, what he saw, at least. He couldn't bring himself to make the 'jump' in logic to assume a relationship, but. It felt like it. He'd file that away in the back of his head. It felt familiar in a way in his head in some way. He'd never met either person in his life.

In the end that felt more important to him- seeing Kamen wisk the tired Heroine away and making sure the child was alright. He was worried though. Two weeks ago everything was alright. Then those donated items to the school came in a little longer than a week ago now. He touched that old looking Rod of Asclepius. He blacked out---- had some sort of... vivid but vague dream- all at the same time- and woke up in his dorm room. No one said they saw him leave the archive room all night- the door was even locked! They had to call in a locksmith to fix it. It was bizarre.

He could heal? He took care of a few animals like that. Things just came to his head. Teleporting.... how to summon some sort of-- weird costume? Clothes? They seemed to hide himself- at least as Daisuke- but that's all. He felt he could fight?- but he didn't want to. He never wanted to fight. Not then. Not two weeks ago. Not earlier just now.

At least---at least he had a name to call himself. 'Asclepius'. Tuxedo Kamen was on the money with that one. It made sense- with the Rod at least. It felt 'right' in the back of his head. It was better than what Luna called him anyways. 'Snake Staff'. That was another can of worms. The cat talked. That cat hanging around with that cheerful girl talked and also hung around with a super heroine? That's how he saw it in his head. This made less sense than the floaty tiny cat boy.

He tried to get up again. No sale. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone. Ugh. Who could he even call? How would he explain being--- weak and hurt in an alley? Erg, screw it. He'd call for an ambulance. He could claim some thug or punk beat him up. It felt terrible lying, but- what was he going to say? The truth was /insane/.

He just placed his hands to his face as he waited on the Ambulance and the Police who'd need to lie to with a straight face as he could manage.

"Things aren't really ever going to be okay, ever again, right?" he asked to himself. Just who exactly was he talking to anyways.