Hunting Trip (Takashi Agera)

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Hunting Trip (Takashi Agera)
Date of Cutscene: 22 September 2016
Location: Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido, Japan
Synopsis: It's not like a safari at all.
Thanks to: The Nullhearts
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera
Tinyplot: Experiment E

As the sun begins to set on the forested beauty of the Daisetsuzan National Park, bathing the treetops of the spruce trees in a cascade of orange and yellow light, the serenity is shattered by the sudden thumping of a very large caliber machine gun. But the rounds it fires aren't entirely metal, as the purple glow of the shots attest. As the rounds streak through the forest, most slam into trees, sending splinters everywhere as negative energy smokes from the holes. But some shots find their marks, digging into a very large mutant brown bear, the bone spurs of the creature jutting out from under its dense fur, eyes aflame with neon blue energy, oversized fangs that don't fit in its mouth, claws with hooks and glowing with the same power, and the rounds don't stop it from cleaving the weapon's weilder in two in a single swing, causing the Nullheart to vanish in a surge of its constituent dark energy.

The creature bears the marks of a fierce battle as it roars out, looking exhausted. Around, surges of dark energy, some more humanoid in shape than others, bear witness to the fierce battle that's only just now entering it's final stage. And the rampaging, magic-infused bear roars again. The ground quakes as it walks towards the last two creatures to invade the space it's claimed - a stern faced teen in a lab coat, with white hair and purple tips and a sneer nearly painted on his face, sitting on an overturned log casually, and the strange white ferret-like creature with grey eyes sitting on his shoulder.

"It's easy to see why she's after it. Such power." Nyubey says, as Riventon AKA Takashi Agera stands up and stares down the large creature. He doesn't respond to the creature on his shoulder or the creature in front of him with anything more than a 'tch' sound at first, but puts his right hand out. The bear charges.

And then a multitude of magical rings spring into existence between Riventon and the bear - each thrumming with strange energy. Each one a focus. The world shudders as a small rip into the Dusk Zone itself appears in Riventon's outstretched hand, barely controlled as Dark Energy wraps and coils around his hand from the tear.


The barely controlled surge of energy blasts forward, directed by the rings, focused by the Midchildan magic into a shattering energy burst that slams into the bear... and breaks through the treeline... and surges into the mountain, snarling outward and thrashing like a wounded snake, as though the beam of energy itself was almost alive, before dissipating as the rip between worlds closes. The bear slumps to the ground, sparks of negative energy still surging off of its fur, black smoke escaping into the air, its head landing on the forest floor with a loud thud just near Riventon, enough that the rush of air whips his open lab coat.

Riventon shakes his now-black hand off, sending droplets of negative energy like oil to the ground until the device is free of the stuff, and he walks over.

"Are you sure you didn't taint it with all of that? It seemed a bit risky." Nyubey asks, jumping down and walking in circles around the creature, which is still breathing raggedly.

"I'm sure the creature's body and magical aura soaked it. I mean. It's still alive, so I didn't shatter through its body as badly as you think. That is an impressive power..." he says, outstretching his arm. A different sort of energy envelops the monstrous bear, and suddenly, the world itself shudders, as the object of the hunt is pulled from the creature's body suddenly.

The small little gem, blue in hue with a darker inside hue, floats out of the creature and it rapidly loses its monstrous look to become a more normal brown bear. Riventon brings the small, blue oval up closer to his eyes, peering at it as if it holds some sort of secret, and Nyubey returns to his shoulder to look as well. The gem thrums with power, bathing them both in an eerie blue light.

"You're not giving that to Precia, are you." Nyubey notes. It's a statement, and not a question.

"I have much more important things to do with this than hand it off to a dysfunctional old woman merely trying to return to her past. Much more... grand plans." Riventon says.

<<Sealing: Jewel Seed. Serial Number: Six.>>