I'll Miss You Until We Meet Again (Nadeshiko Fujisaki)

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I'll Miss You Until We Meet Again (Nadeshiko Fujisaki)
Date of Cutscene: 01 July 2016
Location: Fujisaki Estate
Synopsis: Nadeshiko plans a tea party. Amu plans a goodbye.
Cast of Characters: Nadeshiko Fujisaki, Amu Hinamori

Nadeshiko's preparing a bit of a tea party. The good china is out, along with finger sandwiches and a couple different pots of varying flavors. She couldn't choose between citrus, floral, or the more tea teas. So, she made a bit of each.

Amu had texted earlier, asking to come over, saying she had something to tell her. Nadeshiko figures the best way to handle either good or bad something is through tasty food and good drink.

Aunty will show Amu in, of course. Let her know that it's Nadeshiko waiting for her in that subtle way Aunty sometimes has.

And while she waits, she is helping Temari set up the smaller table set up with five place settings. After all, charas need tea, as well! (And she doesn't think Rhythm's been properly introduced yet.)

Technically school is still in session, but Amu's didn't dressed for school, today. She didn't meet up at the garden afterwards, she didn't really talk to her friends at all.

What she did, instead, was pack, write a letter, send an email, and finally send a text message.

"Mom, I'm going out!" Amu called to her mother, which earned a stern reprimand, but Amu was already hopping the balcony out to the garden and running. By the time her parents came up to check, they found the bedroom empty. At least her bags were packed.

Amu ran quickly across the city, letting Ran give her extra speed and strength for the trip. She hadn't spent nearly enough time with Nadeshiko recently. They never really did reinforce their friendship. And that was her fault. And now it was too late.

But not too late to apologize. Not too late for one last hug.

When she reached the front gate, Amu tore through and barely let Nadeshiko's aunty show her in. She ditched her shoes just inside the door, but didn't even bother to properly tidy them up.

And when she reached Nadeshiko's room, she skidded to a halt in her tall stockings and stood, panting heavily from the run, surrounded by her trio of charas.

For a moment, Amu didn't know what to say. She stared at her best friend--her beautiful friend--for a long moment. Then, without a lot of preamble, she blurted out, "I'm leaving!"

Amu's sudden appearance causes Nadeshiko to give a slight jump, of course. She used the silent moment to appraise her friend, a girl she hasn't seen near enough of lately. And she really hopes that changes, starting today.

The warm smile she starts to give warps into amused confusion. "But you just got here. Here, sit, I made your favorite little sandwiches."

Rhythm flies up from the table and lands with an almost audible 'splat' against Amu's face. "Yay! I get to meet you! Hi! I hatched!"

Temari is slower to join the foray, her eyes more adept at picking up clues. Her eyes narrow suspiciously at the charas, then even more so at Amu.

Amu blinks in startlement at Rhythm's sudden hug. She reaches up to gently touch the little chara's back, then grimaces and looks to Nadeshiko again. "I can't stay," she says, "but I had to come see you. I couldn't just ... leave," she says unhappily.

"My parents are sending me on an exchange program for the summer," Amu explains. "And I don't know when I'll be back. It shouldn't be too long. I hope. But ... I just don't know. And I'm not going to get to see you. I'm just ... leaving. And I don't even ..." she trails off. "I don't want to go," she says. "But I have to. And I'm going to miss you so much."

Her shoulders droop and she tries hard not to look...well, crushed. After all, as Amu said, it isn't her fault, or her choice. "Oh."

For a moment she turns back to the table, gathering the small sandwiches in a pile. One good thing about manners is there's always a supply of napkins readily available.

Then, because that wasn't long enough to not look, well, crushed, she putters around her bookshelves for a moment.

Finally, she's able to at least look okay, even if her smile is a touch watery. She approaches Amu calmly and unties her hair ribbon. Her hair falls down past her waist, nearly to her knees, and she ties the ribbon around one of Amu's pigtails. The other gets one her combs, Nadeshiko's favorite comb, tucked into it.

"There. At least you won't get too lonely with these. And them."

She tilts her head toward the charas. Temari is...very much Not Crying, thank you very much. After all, someone has to comfort Rhythm!

Amu's charas aren't crying, but only because they're still too in shock about the whole thing. Leaving is about the hardest thing for Amu to do, and not a single one of them prepared for this. In her pocket, a little yellow egg seems eager to please her, but Amu isn't listening to her charas right now. Alls he wants is to defy her parents and run away.

But she's too much of a coward for that.

When Nadeshiko puts the ribbon and the comb in her hair, Amu just about loses it. She reaches forward and grips Nadeshiko tightly into a hug. "Oh my god I'm going to miss you so much," she says, as she fights back the tears. "And I'm going to miss your birthday. But. But. I got you something," she says, reaching into the little box where her charas frequently hide. Amu pulls out a wrapped package that nearly takes up the whole box: easily as large as her hand and a part of her wrist. "Here," Amu says, optimistically. The package is wrapped in white paper with lavender and pink sakura blossoms all over the paper. A purple ribbon binds it together, tied in a careful bow, with a single scrap of paper that says: 'For my best friend.'

"Don't open it while I'm here," AMu begs her. "I can't bear to watch you open it. Wait until I'm gone. And then ..." she says. "Well, when you're ready. I hope it will make up for the awful things I did to you last year."

She looks at the box for a moment before she takes it, not opening it as per request.

Nadeshiko blinks at Amu for a moment, very carefully not letting the blurring overflow.

And then he's hugging her, tight, and he laughs a bit against her shoulder. His voice is hoarse and rough, and no matter how hard he tries at this moment, in this instant he can't be Nadeshiko. "Silly girl. You could have done so much worse and I wouldn't be angry with you."

"I know," Amu replies, just hugging Nadeshiko--Nagihiko--a lot tighter for a moment. "I know, and that's why I regret it so much. I don't deserve a friend like you," she says to Nagihiko, "but I'm so glad I've got you. I'm going to come back," she promises, "whenever I can. And when I do I'm going to find you again and I'm going to watch you dance something different. Something new. Promise me I can watch you dance some more."

"You've always got me." He tries to go for cocky and sure as he continues. "And who knows. Maybe you'll see my cool new moves on YouTube or something."

When he pulls back, he clears his throat and tries to look at least somewhat happy for her. "Besides. Think of the adventures you're going to have. The new people you'll meet."

If it weren't for Tadase, Nagihiko would kiss her goodbye. So he does the next best thing by pressing his lips against her forehead. "I'll keep learning new dances to show you when you come home."

That kiss earns a little hesitance from Amu, as if she's trying to figure out what to do with it. And then, she throws hell to the wind, grabs Nagihiko on both cheeks, and presses her lips gently to his. "For luck," she tells him when the brief kiss parts. "For both of us."

Then she turns to run away before the awkwardness can get even worse. "I'll be back!" she says over her shoulder, refusing to say goodbye. She dashes her shoes on without tying them, and then rushes out of the house, fleeing Nagihiko and her fears as fast as she can.

The kiss catches him by surprise. A pleasant sort of surprise, to be sure.

But then, before he can react to any of it, Amu's gone and running, yelling that she'll return, and then poof, gone.

"I'll be here." It's murmured, somewhat dazedly, to the near empty room.

Well, of all the ways he pictured things going, this...was never even on the list.

Present still in hand, he slowly sits down at the table. "Well, come on, you two. We have tea to drink."

It's a sullen affair, and there's really not much in the way of eating.

Curiosity finally wins out and he carefully, slowly opens the package. He breathes out at the sight of it.

Pulling out the small, ornate hand mirror, his fingers trail over the decorated edge. Etched in the glass with smokey ink are words that has him unable to breathe through the sudden lump in his throat.

No matter who you see, you will always be beautiful to me.

Well, then. If anyone were around to give him grief for the tears, he'd have to punch them. After all, it's not everyday the first girl you fell in love with leaves, now, is it.