I'm (not) alone. (Misa Sakagami)

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I'm (not) alone. (Misa Sakagami)
Date of Cutscene: 01 January 2016
Location: A ruin in the city.
Cast of Characters: Misa Sakagami

Walpurgisnacht. Evacuation. Misa had ended up separated from her parents in the panic. Or well... that's what her parents would say. She separated herself on purpose.

She couldn't let people know about her doll state, and it would be hard for her to hide it in a tightly packed shelter like that. Her presence could cause even more panic if someone found out what she was.

So rather than join others hiding in the shelters, Misa had been hiding out in various places around town, eventually settling in some ruins that were created after one of Walpurgisnacht's attack.

She found a relatively comfortable, safe corner, with a little bit of shelter from the weather to curl up in, and silently sat there. She would wait until everyone returned, then mysteriously reappear.

Her parents would be fine. She'd be fine. Everything would be fine. Probably. She hoped. Well, no. They wouldn't be fine. But they'd be back to normal... whatever normal was for her.

In that empty silence she was keenly aware that she was ... alone. Alone with nothing but her thoughts. It would be a while before anyone found her, or she found them, so she would have to figure out something to do.

So she quietly ran through anti-curse methods in the back of her head. Prayer slips. Salt. Bibles. Prayers. Spells. Protective circles. Protective runes. Protective marks. She began to quietly use a piece of rubble to scratch rune after rune, mark after mark.

~"That won't work to ward me off, you know."~

And then SHE was there. The little damaged doll, the thing that looked so fragile, damaged, a broken eye, a damaged hand. Maeko was standing in front of her. Each one of those protective runes that Misa had inscribed on the ground glowing with the dark magic that suffused her.

~"And if it worked, you'd ward yourself off... wouldn't that just be hilarious?"~

Misa curled back in her corner, purposefully looking away from Maeko. But she was always there. Right in the center of her view, no matter where she looked. Even looking down into her own lap, or up at the roof, she was there. Even closing her eyes didn't seem to block out the image of that evil little doll.

~"Awww. Trying to hide from little old me? But I thought we were friends, Misa. You bought me so you would have a friend, after all..."~

"Y...you aren't my friend... y-you're just a mean doll that does mean things..."

~"Now now. If you can't say anything nice, you shouldn't say anything at all, Misa."~

Misa opened her mouth to say something, but the words choked off in her own throat, and the doll was approaching her again.

~"It's time to play, Misa. There's so much dark energy we can absorb left over from this."~

And then the Doll crawled inside of her.

In an empty city, with nobody around to hear.

Does anyone hear the scream of a single cursed girl?


Her torturer.

...It was time to hunt for some more curses...