I Think I'm Alone Now (Shinobu Kimura)

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I Think I'm Alone Now (Shinobu Kimura)
Date of Cutscene: 01 February 2016
Location: Central Harbor
Synopsis: After visiting Tsubasa, Shinobu goes hunting. Can she handle life as a Puella Magi on her own?
Cast of Characters: Shinobu Kimura

What better time to start indeed. Shinobu made her way out of the hospital. Her soul gem is in her hands. So far nothing. While that is good it also kinda stinks. She needs a fresh grief seed. Running around with only half of one left is slightly dangerous. Though the reasoning for such recklessness couldn't be better. A hurt friend mean is a hurt friend. Leaving someone to waste away in a hospital isn't her style.

Quiet but with purpose she walks on. Her feet are carrying her towards an all too familiar place. The central harbor. With little warning her gem begin flashing bright. She's onto something. "I hope this isn't some glorified familiar trying to grow up from the other night."

As the young girl makes her way into the harbor, things are definitely not right. Shinobu's eyes fall on a line of people. All of them are lined up at the end of the pier. There has to be close to thirty of them. All standing and looking towards the sea.

Shinobu ventures a little closer. "Come on, don't tell me this. No one comes out this far. Everyone's too scared.". That is when things become all too apparent. Each and every one of them is marked with a glowing pink witch's kiss. "Dammit! Freaking witch is going to turn my haven into a crime scene!"

There is no time to lose. With an explosion of viridian light, Shinobu henshins leaving behind the high school girl in favor of the magical girl. Her eyes close. Time to find out what her mind sight has to offer. At first there is just the usual: the collected magic in the tide, human life energies, sea life energies, even seaweed mingled in the water. Then bingo. At the very end of the pier is a swirling deep violet vortex. Her eyes open and as quickly as she can, she darts forward using her bo to break open the labyrinth.

As she enters, the hellish nightmare begins. Everything goes dark. A deep red light floods the labyrinth. Foul odors burn the nostrils stemming from what can only be some sort of chemicals. Flashes of white light occasionally appear just adding to the horror. Suddenly white papers appear and attack. Images develop on them. Twisted,distorted images which have been ruined from the lights. Horrid faces appear on them and its clear that these are the familiars.

Shinobu doesn't hesitate and doesn't hold back. A familiar left go today would be dead people tomorrow. Hitting her button, her vision accelerates a few seconds into the future. With that she starts. Its short work. The Puella isn't messing around. Using her magic she quickly finds openings in the incoming attacks. Within a minutes time they are down and she is moving forward.

This labyrinth just gets freakier as she walks on. There are a number of paper familiars hung up on strings with cloth pins. Then if the nasty lighting wasn't bad enough, there are giant vats in the way. The odors burn her nose and make her light headed. Quickly she springs up and drops onto the edge of one of the vats. She repeats this,from edge to edge until she lands at a door. Quietly she opens it to the Witch's platform.

(Boss fight music: http://youtu.be/T3rXdeOvhNE )

Towering in front of Shinobu is a really messed up sight. It looks like a long strand of negatives from a camera. Each frame presents a disturbing image of the witch. Music floods the platform and strands of the negatives come flying at Shinobu.

Within seconds the girl is being tangled up in the dark film. Even her future sight isn't enough to protect her from being bound by this attack. Shinobu's body is being pulled closer to the witch. Its looking bad as the negative witch forms some sharp, nasty teeth.

"I don't know which is worse, your breath or your taste in music!" Suddenly, there is a tear in the film as a bo-shuriken tears through. Than another and another, finally with a push or strength she tears her way out of the film. Quickly she spawns several bos, spinning each of them to create a barrier against further attacks. Pounding the end of her bo on the floor, a pair of glowing scythe blades form. "Who wants to live forever." In an explosion of speed she starts tearing her way through the witch piece by piece.

With the negative witch successfully pruned, Shinobu backs off. She starts spinning her bo-scythe as she cries out. "SEASONS..." She launches herself upward, her staff growing larger and the blades even nastier. "...FINALE!!!" The bo spins wildly causing the blades to function like a saw. The witch is shredded from head to tail(?). As Shinobu touches down the witch explodes into black and white light, leaving a single grief seed falling to the ground.

Shinobu grabs the seed as the labyrinth fades. She is left on the edge of the pier with a bunch of confused people. They won't know what happened to spare them this day. Perhaps its for the best. The Puella Magi turns and wals back to shore, followed by the people who avoided death.

As the pier is cleared, a single piece of paper falls to the ground. A wicked smile forms on it as it slips through a crack in the wood.

The End?