I Want This (Jin Meiyou)

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I Want This (Jin Meiyou)
Date of Cutscene: 31 October 2017
Location: Somewhere in Tokyo
Synopsis: Jin is now resolved.
Cast of Characters: Jin Meiyou

You can't give me up. You would no longer be able to assist her; you would be unable to fulfill your desire to become what Jin should have been. You will always be 名誉剑, because you will never be able to become 名誉人.

"This is what I want. She needs me, and she needs you, and we don't have to be together."

You won't be what she wants.

"She wants a friend; she needs a friend. That is what I am for; it is my duty and my privilege."

He'd be disappointed in you. You won't carry the family name. How can you be honor when you don't have any, because you give up when it's hard or you see things you don't like, or when you change your mind? When you cannot do the things that it takes to achieve it?

"My family is dead. It would not bring them honor to gather dust, or to be as buried as they are. A new family to serve would be the greatest honor."

Go to her home and see what kind of family you would get.

"I can't. I would lose control. I nearly did when I saw her back."

Yes. But you don't want to lose control, you want to be--

"She is the only member of her family worth anything, and she is worth everything. I would be hers. And you would spare her further grief. I will go to her, and we will surrender, and the friends I have made will understand and be spared grief as well."

If that is what you wish, Jin.

"Yes. Just... in a few days. I want to-- we helped her get the one in the woods, and the one with the zombies, she should be safe a little longer. So just a few days, first. Even if they are selfish."

As you wish.