If at first you don't succeed (Sierra Earhart)

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If at first you don't succeed (Sierra Earhart)
Date of Cutscene: 12 April 2016
Location: Sierra's Bedroom
Synopsis: After her encounter with two of the Guardians, Sierra has decided to take another shot at dealing with her fear.
Cast of Characters: Sierra Earhart

The door opens and in walks Sierra. One look on her face would show that she is very much lost in thought. She didn't even eat dinner, she has so much on her mind. Tadase's suggestion of thinking on her dream has been ringing in her head and to a lesser degree, Amu's words. Her bag is dropped onto the floor and she simply flops onto her bed.

Laying back, She turns her head and looks at the window balcony. Just the thought causes her heart to race wildly. She shakes it off and just closes her eyes for a few moments. Her mind drifts to her dream. A soft smile forms on her lips as the beautiful image of a blue sky forms in her mind. The clouds dance beneath her as she soars over the world below. Her heart rate doesn't slow. The feelings of dread shift to exhilaration as for the moment, She is not a slave to her fear. She is free. Free to fly and soar above all her problems and cares below.

"I want to do this so bad. Its so surreal." She states softly. Opening her eyes, she looks over to the window again. "Maybe this is the key..." She whispers. Slowly she stands and walks over to the window. Taking hold of the handle she closes her eyes and tries to put herself back to that peaceful place above the clouds. Her breathing slows and her mind eases as the blue skies and clouds dance above and below. She opens the sliding window and takes the step out Her hands grasp the wrought iron railing and slowly her eyes open. The cool spring breeze hits her body. The view is pretty awesome! Hannah and Haruna were right about that. For the moment, her fear has subsided but there is still that exhilaration causing her heart to flutter. "WOOOOOO!!!!" She cheers and spreads her arms as though she were flying.

A few of her neighbors shout out about her making such noise. Thankfully she doesn't cheer again but she does begin losing sight of her dream and that familiar dread begins sinking in. Quickly she returns inside her room and closes the window behind her. That fear builds very quickly but subsides as she realizes she is safe and sound in her room. "I did it. I faced it. I can do it! I can become a pilot!!! It doesn't control me anymore!!!" She exclaims as she practically dances around the room.