Impact Event (Yuuki Oshiro)

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Impact Event (Yuuki Oshiro)
Date of Cutscene: 10 January 2017
Location: Yuuki Oshiro's Home
Synopsis: After talking with Nanoha, Yuuki is taking a chance on her new attack and to maybe find out what she is capable of.
Cast of Characters: Yuuki Oshiro
Tinyplot: Heart's Desire

"Magical! Radiant! BARRIER!" The words resound as everything takes on a more grey appearance. Yuuki is now alone within the Barrier, with Shining Star but that doesn't exactly count as a person. "Okay. Shining Star, Set up!"

< Setting Up!>

The world goes violet for a few moments as her clothing changes to her barrier jacket. Shining Star takes the staff form and a moment later, things return to normal.

"Alright I want you to set up some targets. You're going to test my Linker Core. I want to know what I'm capable of. The last attack I will do is The new one. That way if it overpowers me, You can at least give me an accurate read."

< Are you sure about this, Sister? You are not a TSAB Agent, you are only starting out. >

Yuuki is a little annoyed, "The only thing I am sure about is that you have been keeping important stuff from me. I had no idea about the Linker Core and how it affects magic. You never told me. You're supposed to be teaching me. Are there any other body parts I have that others don't? Or are you just keeping that information a secret because I'm NOT a TSAB agent." She frowns. "Just set up the targets."

< Setting up Targets. >

"Thank you." She quickly calls out her first attack. "Meteor!" A ball of energy forms. She points a finger at the first target and the ball of magic goes flying, striking it and then fading away.

< Well Done. Spell Strength: D. Accuracy: 96%. >

Yuuki gets ready. "Okay next strongest attack I think is Starlight Shower. So lets do it. Ranged Mode!" Immediately the staff shifts to Bow mode and she gets ready to cast the spell. She quickly focuses on the target and calls out the attack. "STARLIGHT SHOWER!" She draws back the bow and does a fast spin before firing a blast of magic upward into the sky. A barrage of falling stars comes down from the sky, peppering the target in front of her and most other targets.

< Very Good. Spell Strength: B+. Accuracy 25% Area of Effect Spells do not exactly have the best accuracy. >

"Alright. Shooting Star!" She calls out as she draws back the bow and magic builds. It takes the form of a star and is fired at the next target. The blast obliterates the target leaving it completely gone.

< Excellent. Spell Strength: A. Accuracy 98%. Setting up target for your final attack. >

Shining Star does something that is bound to coax out every bit everything out of Yuuki. The image of a necklace forms. A ruby gold necklace. It floats in the air, challenging Yuuki to do her worst.

Yuuki glares at the target. "Melee Mode!" Quickly the staff shifts to Naginata mode. She takes off towards it. "Here it goes. Its all or nothing." She quickly twirls the long blade. She crosses her body as she calls out, "Impact Event!" She launches her self upward, flying high as magic begins dancing, Swirling around her. As she hits the apex of the launch, magic forms around her in what could only be a meteor. She comes down slamming the target with an explosive strike. A shockwave erupts outward taking out several vehicles and a few light poles.

When the magic clears, The target is gone. Yuuki is on the ground knocked out.

< Spell Strength: S. Accuracy: 100% Sister this attack is much stronger then your previous attack on the Heart's Desire Lost Logia. Sister... Oh. >

It takes a few minutes but Yuuki does awaken. She looks okay for the most part.

<Sister. You must train more before casting that attack again. Your Rank is B. >