Inktober - Naru Osaka

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Inktober - Naru Osaka
Date of Cutscene: 31 October 2017
Synopsis: Naru's sketches for inktober as sent to Kunzite
Cast of Characters: Naru Osaka

Oct 1: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: <texted sketch, just pen and ink, of Mamoru leaned against the caracal> #inktober

Oct 2: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: <photo of her math notes, where there's a chibi sketch in the marginalia of anthropomorphic numbers who are having a party on top of the fraction bar, to the dismay of the anthropomorphic numbers below who are protesting the noise. In theory, it's algebra homework> #divided #inktober

Oct 3: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: <Completed creepy picture of tendrils of shadow crawling up and threatening to engulf the tree with the approach of night pressing urgency into the scene.> #sunshine #inktober

Oct 4: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: <A photo of today's sketch. The Tokyo skyline as seen from the water is on the right, coming down to the water upon the left. A few waves, a couple sailing boats out on the water, an idyllic looking day. Under the water, carefully wedging itself in and around boat hulls and moorings is a kracken. It's tentacles appearing to cradle the boats, and prop up the city. One particularly elaborate tentacle forming a small island in the water.> #underwater #inktober

Oct 5: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: <Photo of her sketchbook: A water glass, narrow and tall extends up the right hand side of the page, the light coming from up and to the right, based on the shadows that fall from the glass. The water within isn't perfectly still, there's ripples and bubbles, sparkling water perhaps. The shadows on the page look like random squiggles, an effective reflection of the water glass upon the invisible table. Within the shadows, when one looks long enough, the implication of a figure, elongated, but not to horrific proportions starts to appear.> #long #inktober

Oct 6: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: <Photo of sketchbook: A spare drawing of a well detailed fountain pen drawing on the page. The line upon the page from that pen is as if the nib is a scalpel, cutting down into the notebook, the pages peeling in the drawing, to show other drawings beneath. All clever tricks of perspective in the sketch.> #sword #penismightier #inktober

Oct 7: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: <Photo of a sketch of a pile of autumn leaves, heaped up in a field against a fence. Well hidden amongst the leaves, barely visible unless you just happen to spot it is a mouse, just barely peeking out. Peering around the edge of the heap of leaves is a cat, crouched and eager.> #shy #inktober

Oct 8: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: <Sketch of the Tokyo skyline, as it might look from a specific spot in the harbour, with the ships and docks and the skyscrapers rising behind. There's something off in the skyline, deliberately so rather than merely sloppy sketching. Enough to notice, but not enough to be obvious, some of the skyscrapers are off kilter, leaning slightly, or their tops pushed slightly off lower floors.> #crooked #inktober

Oct 9: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: <Photo of a sketch: It is clear that this is inspired by 'The Scream'. The background is rough cubes, denser at the horizon, and pixilating out into the sky. The creature screaming looks to a mundane eye to be a gaunt horror creature, with long robes and a deep hood, skeletal fingers held up to it's hidden face. The scream emerges as a haze, coming up as if pollution over the background.> #screech #inktober

Oct 10: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: I blame you completely. <Photo of a sketch: A rather cartoony version of urban streets, likely Tokyo, small and indistinct. Rampaging through them is a giant overly elaborate milkshake, complete with straw and garnish and the requisite stompy legs and RAWR features. It's clearly spitting ice cream (possibly sorbet) at the terrified city, splattering some of the hapless citizens.> #gigantic #inktober

Oct 11: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: I forgot to text it yesterday in my grumpy. <Photo of a sketch where a road travels directly away from the view, vanishing off into the distance. The near view of the details of the road and the surroundings are all jagged and rough, the road bumpy and full of potholes. As the road travels further away from the viewer, the trees along the side get more lush, the road smooths out. The far distance is tiny and hard to see, well detailed with trees and flowers and birds.> #run #inktober

Oct 12: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: <Photo of a sketch: An elaborate old fashioned standing mirror, although more angular and trapazoidal than the traditional oval shape. The mirror that was once in it lays shattered on the ground in front of it. The pieces still hold their last image, jagged and hard to spot at a first glance. Should one spend long enough with the sketch and consider each piece into the whole, a mental jigsaw puzzle at best, a person emerges, somewhat indistinct at this scale, banging on the glass as they scream.> #shattered #inktober

Oct 13: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: <Photo of a sketch: An ant hill, the soil loosely packed and still freshly dug mounded up. The shape of it is a touch odd, not immediately apparent when viewed from the side. The middle of the hill has bugs streaming out of it, covering large swaths of it, and spreading out over the whole area. The creatures aren't ants, but rather fairly large beetle-like creatures, with subtle robotic legs and antennae. With very little extrapolation, the shape of the hill could be interpreted as a person covered in earth.> #teeming #inktober

Oct 14: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: <Photo of a sketch, done entirely in red ink. Monochrome still, but harder to read details on: An apple tree is bent over, unnaturally so with what looks like a many part weapon wrapped around it to be able to pull it down to permit a henshined Kyouko pick herself an apple from said tree. There appears to be no current threat, the mood of the piece is calm, relaxed even.> #fierce #inktober

Oct 15: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: <photo of a tiny sketch, only about 2" x 3": a view of a woman on a balcony looking out over a deep valley, mountains off in the distance. The angle of the perspective makes her identity a mystery, her clothes nondescript, her long hair styled to obscure her face, only a few strands caught in the light breeze.> #mysterious #inktober

Oct 16: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: <Photo of a sketch: A person, gender indeterminate, stands in front of a mirror. The back of the person looks normal enough, nondescript even in neat trousers and a business jacket. The reflection in the mirror shows the zip already pulled down, showing a much smaller, different looking entirely person under the suit of skin and flesh and fat. The look upon the emergent person's face is one of relief.> #fat #humanskin #inktober

Oct 17: <PHONE> You text Kazuo Takeba: <Photo of a sketch: A kraken, a repeat visitor to the sketches, but no longer wedged in, and this time out in open ocean. There's some bits of rock, of coral, things incidental to the kracken's long tenticles that seem to flow in the water's movement. Free and unencumbered by boats and islands, shown in his (or her) full tenticled glory under the waves.> #graceful #inktober

<10 day gap in text messages to Kunzite>

Oct 27: <PHONE> You text Kunzite: <Photo of a sketch: The sky is hazy, overcast and heavy looking. The parched and barren ground in the foreground is bleak and sparse, ending in a cliff. At the very edge of the cliff are a pair of hands, holding on as in so many Road Runner cartoons. Nothing else of the person off the cliff is visible.> #climb #inktober

Oct 28: <PHONE> You text Kunzite: <Photo of a sketch: The tree, alone on a slight hill, the sunlight shining behind it, although the colour of that light is hard to read in the black and white. One half of the tree as split directly down the middle is in full leaf, rich and and lush. The other half has lost many of its leaves already, a few of the leaves caught in the act of falling, to join their brethren upon the ground. The solid branches and skeleton of the tree comes through the sparse leaves, steadfast and no less sturdy for it's lack of covering.> #fall #inktober

Oct 29: <PHONE> You text Kunzite: <Photo of a sketch: The style is casual, almost more of a doodle than a serious sketch. A jigsaw puzzle, with pieces visible, rather than a picture upon the front of it, almost entirely made up and laying on a table. The puzzle is missing a piece, quite plainly in view. The piece in question is scampering across the table, running on little legs towards it's place.> #united #inktober

Oct 30: <PHONE> You text Kunzite: <Photo of a sketch: A brilliant bonfire, with flames leaping almost to the top of the page, sparks bursting forth in the darkness of the rest of the page. Its hard to make out what is burning, but the angles of the fuel brings about thoughts of books or boxes rather than rounded logs.> #united #butnotreally #inktober

Oct 31: <PHONE> You text Kunzite: <Photo of a sketch: A petite young woman looking in a mirror, the perspective of the sketch over her shoulder, looking with her into that mirror (a repeat from an earlier sketch). Around her feet are scattered masks, discarded. Another mask dangles from her left hand, already lowered by her side. Her right hand is up by her face, just in the act of removing yet another mask to reveal another beneath.> #mask #inktober