Intercepted Mail (Kunzite)

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Intercepted Mail (Kunzite)
Date of Cutscene: 01 February 2016
Location: Kunihiro Saito's increasingly neglected apartment
Synopsis: Sailor V has been intercepting "Saito's" mail since Jadeite gave up Kunzite's use of the alias. Kunzite, who uses everything, finally uses that.
Cast of Characters: Kunzite, Minako Aino

Two envelopes arrive, addressed to Saito, in the same precise hand that the lists on Saito's desk were written in. They have been sent from different places.

The first contains a slip of paper saying only:

If you are reading this, then I've failed a check-in. Be warned.

The second contains rather more.

If you are reading this, then I've failed a check-in. Be warned.

That is the most important part of this. All the rest you can burn before reading, if you prefer. I have no matches to offer you, but I'm sure you can make do.

You said "my fate is to keep fighting." It took me a little to place the voice. But it was him, wasn't it? Danburite and his damned fortunes.

He never understood you. He never, even before his fall, thought that he should have to bother to try. I never understood you, either; but there were enough points we held in common that I could make guesses now and then. This is the most important one.

You fight because you love.

You fight to preserve the people you love.

You fight because the people you love are worth fighting for.

He tried to poison that in you, to sever one side of your soul from another. It did not entirely work; you were, and are, stronger than he ever guessed. But if you were showing me any of the truth that night, it harms you still.

I cannot undo that damage. I cannot draw the venom from the wound. That only you and those close to you can do. They will, if you let them. It will hurt; it cannot do anything else. But knowing what our prince was willing to endure for love of us, I cannot imagine what she would not be willing to go through for love of you. If she missteps, it is for lack of skill and experience, not for lack of caring.

There is one thing that I may yet make good, a little.

I have searched through those who answer to me. All those who have ever reacted to news of you in a way I could not fully explain, I have made note of, and tried to draw out of immediate danger. There is a chance that some of them may have been your people. There is a chance that some of them might be brought back to themselves.

That is the first half of what I can give you: the choice of what to do with them, who were once your people and your country, or whether to do anything at all.

The second half is: there is a chance that I may not remember having done this. Therefore there is a chance that you may be able to use this to dismantle some part of my operations, to limit me, to gain a little time. I hope you will have more efficient courses of action available. I cannot guess.

The letter cuts off there, or perhaps a page might have been removed. There is no closing, no signature.