Jar of Dirt (Usagi Tsukino)

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Jar of Dirt (Usagi Tsukino)
Date of Cutscene: 06 June 2016
Location: Tokyo
Synopsis: Usagi does the thing that Kunzite probably didn't think she was serious about.
Cast of Characters: Usagi Tsukino

Kunzite probably thought she'd been kidding. Or maybe he hadn't. Sometimes it's hard to tell with him.

It takes her awhile to find a jar big enough for what she wants. A planter is, of course, out of the question. So something that is almost as big but could close tight. Her victim of choice? An empty economy sized pickle jar.

It...still smells like pickles…

It takes her even longer to find dirt that isn't visibly contaminated with Fiore's flowers. As it is, she feels spied on and very paranoid, even using her Luna Pen.

It's only when the jar of dirt is full that she finds a quiet, nature free roof to sit on. It's not hard to find in a city as large as Tokyo, especially toward industrial districts. Once she feels safe in the shadows of metal and pipes, she untwists the lid and drops in her crystal.

It's a slow process. She doesn't want to give a giant burst of energy, especially not with Takashi knowing who she is and his draw to power.

So its more like a hug of energy instead of a face punch of energy. The dirt in the jar takes on a faint, silvery glow and by the time the glow fades it's like the jar in her hand sighs in relief.

She removes the crystal from the jar and quickly closes the lid.

Usagi wobbles a bit as she stands, but instead of feeling completely drained, she just feels a bit light headed.


Now for the hard part.

Convincing her stubborn boyfriend to cuddle a jar of dirt.