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Since MahouMUSH started, we have had a rule requiring that plots which involved the corruption of a character be run past Staff to ensure that those plots made sense, that they did not go on too far, and that they had a defined and planned beginning and end. Due to recent events, we are now extending this policy to include any plot which has a PC or notable NPC being captured or kidnapped and held for any length of time longer than the duration of the scene itself.

When kidnapping happens in magical girl, it tends to be a part of a corruption plot- where the victim returns as some sort of brainwashed lieutenant or corrupted enemy. This works really well in a roleplay environment because It lets the victim still be active, and lets people know their friend needs help because, well- they're an evil corrupted brainwashed lieutenant. There can be drama and action by breaking through corruption with your true feelings to reach someone in their corrupted heart.

However, much like a corruption plot, an outright removal of a character from activity on the grid for any length of time can have ripple effects that are felt across the MUSH, rather than simply being confined to that one plot. By the nature of the MUSH, characters are often (or should be!) quite interdependent. A confined character might miss major TPs and interaction opportunities. It also brings into question issues regarding the magical girls’ agency or threat if she can be so held for such a long time. Multiple plots in a short span can exacerbate these issues.

Therefore, effective immediately, the following policy will be put into place:

Firstly, of course, you require permission from all the characters you intend to be involved. Secondly, you must submit a +request to the Staff detailing the plot, as well as the characters involved - including a firm IC end date - and how you intend the character to free themselves or be saved. (If the characters cannot meet for the escape/save scene on the IC date, the character will still be freed and that scene will be backscened effective to the date in the +request.) No scenes will be approved that last longer than 1 week IC. Thirdly, you must detail the narrative goals the kidnapping will accomplish - and be prepared for Staff to suggest alternatives! Long term captures in Mahou Shoujo are a rare thing (though we will admit there is some precedent) and as stated can be particularly thorny in a MUSH environment.