Kukai's February Report (Kukai Souma)

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Kukai's February Report (Kukai Souma)
Date of Cutscene: 26 February 2016
Location: Seiyou Public School's Royal Garden
Synopsis: Kukai is bothered by something his friend Tadase said recently, so he spends a few hours doing what he can to fix the issue, and reminisces over the past month at the same time.
Thanks to: Everyone mentioned!
Cast of Characters: Kukai Souma, Tadase Hotori, Amu Hinamori, Nadeshiko Fujisaki, Usagi Tsukino, Mamoru Chiba, Anshi Hayakawa, Shiori Sato, Ano Onna, Fu Inubouzaki, Gaofele Doiru, Haruna Kurosawa, Hoshi Kogane, Homura Akemi, Honoka Yukishiro, Madoka Kaname, Mami Tomoe, Mikoto Nakajima, Minoke Sato, Reiko Touyama, Rena Sakai, Runealy Waldia, Sayaka Miki, Shinobu Kimura, Tsubasa Kazanari, Hannah Sharpe, Utau Hoshina

It's a lovely, quiet, sunny day. The wind's blowing, but inside the Royal Garden all Kukai can feel is the warmth of oncoming spring. He sighs, putting off his work as long as he could. Stacks of files, pictures, papers, a box of paperclips, all scattered across the large table the Guardians use in the center of the Garden for meetings. Thankfully noone else was there, except Daichi, who was taking the opportunity to nap in one of the chairs at the table, a thin file laid carelessly there as his pillow.

With another sigh, Kukai picks up the cup of tea to one side, finishes the last sip, and then sets it down hard. He reaches over, turning on some music from his phone, picks up the black fountain pen to one side and begins writing in a notebook, tearing out pages as he goes.

"Tadase, something you said the other day bothered me. On the phone, while we were texting, you said you didn't know everyone. Well, I don't either, but if we don't start talking about who we do know with one another, we'll never get anywhere. Plus it's really important for you, out of everyone, to know everybody. So I've done some work gathering information and files on what I've learned over the past month. I'll make some notes and paperclip them to what I've got here. I was able to get copies of some files from the other schools, but not a lot. I don't know what you know, so I'm just going to treat this like a field report for the past month." Kukai's writing is sloppy, not quite childish, but nothing like most other student's neat handwriting.

The first piece of paper on top has the word NOTES written across the top of it. "I don't want to talk much about Walpurgisnacht. I met a lot of people there but I don't remember a lot about it. I try to not remember it. I'm not gonna make notes about people we both know, too, like Amu or Nadeshiko, unless it's a special case for something you ought to know." Kukai remembers something from that dark night, a kiss on the cheek, and grins despite himself. "It's not all bad, though. If you need to know something, just ask."

After filling out several pages of notes he looks back at the NOTES page, then leans over and writes more. "I'm also not gonna write about things you know about, like witches or X-Eggs, or the people you sent me out to help, like Usagi and Mamoru - I assume you know them well enough if I'm going out to do stuff with them for you that you know them. Usagi's nice, though. We danced together once and she's like a hyperactive cloud." Kukai grins, remembering that dance, banishing the bad memories, before continuing to write.

The second stack has a small note paperclipped to it with the word PEOPLE in big letters.

The first entry in the list is actually just a piece of paper, no file, no picture, nothing. "I met Anshi Hayakawa at the skating party Mami Tomoe invited me to. She was very happy and cheerful and a little clumsy." Kukai looks down. The memory of broken girls, dashed and soaking wet in the rainstorm, like so many discarded dolls, strikes him again, a memory he keeps pushing away over and over again. "I was really sad to hear about her." There may be a strange, wrinkled spot or two on the paper as well - it looks like it got wet.

The next picture is of a stereotypical cartoon ninja. "Ok bear with me. I met a ninja out in the woods. He was about our age and was definitely magical. He said his name was Akahana, and when I asked him about having a girl's name he said 'I was, many years ago.' He seemed harmless though, and was out hunting youma. If we need a ninja (a flippin' ninja!) maybe I can find him again."

A thick file, with the picture of a girl with long, straight brown hair. "Seiyou Public student #NONE, Some Girl. I had a butt of a time finding this file. Apparently this girl doesn't have a name. Or a number. Or anything identifying her. The file was still in the list though and it's full of infractions. People keep adding stuff to the file, but I had to dig it out by hand. I met her when I answered an all-points Virtue bulletin. I keep thinking I ought to find her and talk to her more - she apparently still comes to school - but how do you find someone you don't know the name of?"

A file with the picture of a long haired brunette. "Seiyou Public student #(REDACTED), Fu Inubouzaki. Met her when she put out an all points bulletin over Virtue to come help against a giant monster she called a Vertex. Really scary. Afterwards though she said she was the leader of the Seiyou Hero Club, and made me a member. I haven't seen her since, though, but apparently she's been coming to school. I dunno. I think she's supposed to be at the Eating Contest soon."

A thin file with a picture of a completely nondescript young man on the front. "Gaofele Doiru. Met him at the all-points bulletin. We introduced ourselves afterwards but that was about it. He uses a bow and arrows to awesome effect - otherwise I don't know a lot about him."

A thin folder from Infinity University with the picture of a girl with long blonde hair. "Haruna Kurosawa. Met her once while responding to an all-points bulletin from Virtue. Unfortunately she got caught in a time stop and I don't know what she does except feed her pet seagull."

Kukai smiles as he attaches a note to a picture of a younger girl with long blonde hair and a cheerful, innocent smile. "Hoshi Kogane is from Seishou Public and into astronomy a lot. This explains why she's followed around by yellow magical stars everywhere. She and her friend Reiko and their other friends that I haven't met yet fight as Prism Keepers against The Grey Kingdom. Apparently they wrote this whole story and now it came true. I dunno. Also she wants to grow up to be Prime Minister."

A picture of an intense, almost frightening girl with long black hair with a red ribbon tying it back. "Met Homura Akemi at the skating party too. Sort of. I saw her and was terrified at a distance. Then I looked past her at Madoka and she noticed me and I had to skate away before she shot lasers out of her eyes at me."

This picture was obviously printed off from a cell phone camera. It's of a thin, young looking girl, with traditional looking long black hair, wearing a lab coat over a school uniform. "Honoka Yukishiro. She came up to me a few days ago while I was jogging through the amusement park and tried to examine Daichi under a magnifying glass. We ended up finding a quiet spot in a Ferris Wheel carriage and talking to one another. She's got a fairy that's with her named Mipple that grants her powers." Daichi, by this point, has woken up and is looking over the papers. When he reads the word Mipple he can't help but giggle and sit down. "Are you gonna tell Tadase that Mipple kissed my cheek?" Kukai laughs. "I'd actually forgot, but now I remember that you didn't do anything but sit in my pocket and giggle the rest of the day! So no, I'm leaving that out." Daichi awws and flits up to sit on top of the umbrella over top of the table Kukai is working at and enjoy the sun through the glass roof.

There's a picture and a thin file under it of a short, pink-haired girl with two pigtails bound up in red silk ribbon bows. "Met Madoka at the skating party as well, since she was hosting it. She was nice, but always sort of distant, hiding in behind her girlfriend Homura. I hear they've been on vacation too since Walpurgisnacht. Good for them. I don't think she likes me because I was trying to make everyone dance and be happy at the celebratory funeral."

Kukai's hand rests for a moment on a picture of a blonde girl with two long yellow ringlets, hanging down like drills. "Mami Tomoe was the first person to actually talk to me outside of monster hunting. She invited me to the skating party before Walpurgisnacht and we talked some. I heard she left town or something recently. I hope she's all right, but I guess after the big fight she felt like she needed a vacation. I liked her even when she got mad at me calling her Mami-chan."

Kukai frowns at this one, though. It's just a note. "There's a girl I've talked to from Infinity University called Mikoto Nakajima. She's got long black hair and wears blue all the time and says she hunts monsters, and she knows about Charas, and she says she knows you and Amu and everyone, but I don't know. I couldn't even find a picture of her on the Infinity University website anywhere. It's weird." Kukai writes that last word in big letters.

A picture of a girl with long, flowing red hair, dressed in a black dress and a black choker with a big chunk of onyx and black shoes, seated - no, it's a wheelchair. "Seiyou Public student #(REDACTED), Minoke Sato. Met her at the celebratory funeral for Walpurgisnacht. Did I tell you about that? A party funeral for a giant witch. It was crazy. She was in her magical form, all in red and on fire, called Firebird. Sort of one-note, in a way - I don't think she's gotten over being hurt. I watched some of her old videos though and she was amazing. She's like two different people then and now." Kukai looks at the note for a moment, and draws a line through the word 'over' and writes 'past' under it.

Here's a picture of a girl with long, orange hair, and glasses, attached to a thin file. "Reiko Touyama, student at Seishou Public. Really smart, really orange. Has magic orange koi fish following her everywhere. Works with Hoshi Kogane as a Prism Keeper against the Grey Kingdom. Met her when I helped the two of them trounce one of the Grey Kingdom's Shades. She's a sweet kid and has helped me a couple times. If you want to know about the Prism Keepers she was apparently the author. Don't ask me, she explained it all and I still don't know what's going on. I've got her number, and she's thinking about having the group join Virtue." After a few moments Kukai writes down Reiko's number and nods. Tadase will want to talk to her eventually.

A photocopied paper, with a picture of a girl, pink-haired, with two ponytails going down the sides, a pair of little shiny bronze gears for earrings. "I met Rena Sakai at the store, funnily enough. She said she had just met a Gear Fairy or something and she was a baker's daughter and she could see Daichi and she was super-hyper. More than me, even. Really nice, but she said she couldn't do anything. It just hadn't happened yet. I gave her my number and the Virtue emergency number in case somebody tries to eat her." Kukai copies down Rena's number from his phone as well for Tadase.

Another pink-haired girl in a Seiyou Public uniform. "Runealy Waldia, Seiyou Public Student #(REDACTED). I met Rune at the skating party too, tried to teach her how to ice skate, and haven't really seen her since. I heard she was a princess of some place, but I didn't really understand it. There's a lot of princesses who're magic, apparently."

This picture is of a girl in an Infinity University uniform with short blue hair. "Sayaka Miki. Met her at the skating party, too, saw her during Walpurgisnacht, then she poofed. Didn't hear about her dying, but I guess a lot of people decided after that it was time for a rest. Really cheerful, kinda smart."

A redhead with two pigtails, kept up with red ball ties the same color of her hair. "Didn't exactly -meet- Shinobu as much as she got tipsy at the skating party and I had to walk her home to Infinity University. Again, after Walpurgisnacht she poofed. Still alive, though, according to my friend at Infinity, and her last name is Kimura."

A press picture of an idol, a girl with long blue hair that gets into her eyes, dressed in blouse with a popped collar and a short skirt. "Apparently Tsubasa Kazanari is both a famous idol and working for a group she called 'Section 2'. She contacted me after the dance but before Walpurgisnacht to get more information about X-Eggs, and to tell me about a type of youma called Noise. I'll write about them elsewhere. What's important is that she knows Utau, and I tried to get her a message about Utau being trouble. I've got her number if you don't have it, but if you want it I'll have to ask her if I can pass it along."

The third stack is much smaller, with the words MONSTERS AND VILLAINS on a sticky note on top.

There's a picture of a young girl with short-cut white hair in an Eclipse uniform. "I met Miss White at the celebratory funeral. She was nice and a lot of fun! I dunno why she's working for Eclipse, but I guess there was a misunderstanding. I get the feeling she knows a lot of people, and I'd like to know her better, but I think she'll probably punch me the next time I see her."

Underneath the sheet for Miss White is another one paperclipped to it, with a little cartoon drawing of a girl with doll joints. "So some ghost curse girl with doll joints attacked the celebratory funeral at one point, but left in a hurry when Usagi used Moon Evolution Laser or whatever it is. She said she was a curse, and she brought despair. Miss White said she'd stabbed her best friend, so if you need to know more about the cursed doll girl you'd have to ask her."

A sheet of paper with the word NOISE across it. "Tsubasa told me she's fighting an enemy called the Noise. They show up in big groups, they can kill unprotected people with a touch, normal weapons can't hurt them, but they're vulnerable to any sort of magic."

Another paper, this one with the word SHADE on it. "Hoshi and Reiko fought one of these with me. Whenever they're formed they suck all the color out of everything and everyone unprotected nearby to generate energy for the Grey Kingdom, and draw up whatever loose stuff is in the area to form a body around this color core. You basically just have to dodge their attacks and pound them until the core opens up, then the Prism Keepers have a Chroma purification spell they use to disperse the color back into the world. Compared to everything else they're kinda easy."

This paper has the word VERTEX on it. "Oh boy, this is complex. OK, so. Fu explained it like this - she works for a power called Shinju-sama to defend points of power from monsters called the Vertex. Whenever one gets close to a point of power, whomever's near it and able to fight gets sucked into an alternate realm called the Jukai, which is a gigantic forest. The Vertexes themselves are huge, they shoot energy balls, and they're super tough. They've got energy cores inside them that have to be exposed after the monster itself is weakened with a specific spell, and then the core itself has to be pounded, and all the while it's shooting energy balls and awful things at you. They're nasty, and apparently they wreak a lot of destruction if they're ignored." Kukai stops for a moment, frowning, thinking about something, then adds more. "Fu said they'd destroy the world if they were ignored. That's probably hyperbole, right?"

Finally comes the part Kukai had been putting off and putting off. With an annoyed sound he moved the heavy stack of papers to one side, revealing a picture of a girl with her hair in two long wild yellow ponytails, wearing a black gothic dress. He pulls up a fresh piece of note paper and begins to write. "I texted you about this but Utau's back. She's really strong. Like scary strong. And fast, and evil~" Kukai stops there, then crosses out evil and continues writing. "~working for Easter. I think she's really sad but she's also scary determined, too. She's going to keep making X-Eggs until somebody stops her. I'm trying, but I have to be fast and sneaky about it because I'm pretty sure she would put a hole in me with those force blasts. And she may kinda know where I live. It's a long story. I'll tell you about it after it's wrapped up for now. But we really shouldn't let her have too much time to do her own thing - I don't even know if Amu-chan could beat her, even if I knew where she was right now."

Kukai looks at the paper, then shakes his head and adds one last page for the bottom of the stack. "I'll make another report in a month and keep you up to date. Things have gotten so crazy in the past month or two, but I think it's good. At least we're all working together and doing what we can. Ok, I'm done. ~Kukai." He picks up all the papers and files and pictures, setting them into order, and then ties it all together with string. Then he puts it into a folder and ties that too, and then the folder goes into a small case, which he locks. "Daichi! We're ready! I gotta go by Tadase's and drop this off and then we're gonna go find something to eat!" At that thought he looks in one of the chairs - where'd he leave it - aha! He picks up the poppyseed muffin he'd left earlier as a treat for finishing and heads for the door, all the files and folders in the case, Daichi on his head, muffin in hand, ready for another month of being a Guardian.