Lab Work (Takashi Agera)

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Lab Work (Takashi Agera)
Date of Cutscene: 26 June 2016
Location: UMBRA HQ, Riventon's Lab
Synopsis: Another day, another bit of lab work for Riventon.
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera
Tinyplot: Cut The Cord

Takashi didn't go to science club today. It wasn't a terribly uncommon occurance for him to skip his extracurriculars - one of the reasons he didn't hold any sort of important or leadership position in Eclipse's little afterschool club. Because Takashi Agera, and perhaps Riventon, had science of an entirely different calibur to do most days.

Today was one of those days. Today wasn't a day he could spend worrying about one Ami Mizuno, either - and frankly, work was becoming an excellent escape from worrying. The talk with Usagi hadn't done a lot to set his mind at ease. But, luckily, he had two very important projects to deal with. A swift sneaking into an alleyway, a henshin phrase, a response from his device - EXCECUTE! - and where the bishonen once stood, there was the sneering, angular visage of Riventon. Ripping a hole from reality into the Dusk Zone as easily as anyone else might plunge thier hand into the water under a tap, he bridged the place between worlds and arrived at an otherwise nondescript building in Mitakihara's downtown. A simple storage facility. But with the Eclipse Badge tucked in his palm, and the opening of the doorknob counterclockwise, the door became a Doorway - a passage through time and space.

On the other side of the Doorway Riventon emerged into a far-too-modern office frontroom. The orange-haired secretary made a polite bow and pressed a button, and the magically reinforced doors shifted open to allow him entry. He had a receptionist again - that was taking some getting used to. It was nice not being on Eclipse's 'insufficently usefully naughty' list again, though. The difference in resources was staggering. Standing on either side of the door were two of the dark energy constructs the Eclipse heirarchy referred to as 'robo-goons', clutching their dark energy rifles. Takashi hadn't gotten around to replacing all of them yet with security that was far more loyal to him personally.

But further down the hallway, the robo-goons are replaced with pale, powdery, dead-looking skin and similarly grey eyes in combat fatigues and blue berets, clutching high-powered magitech weaponry. They saluted as he walked past, long black hair waving from the effort. Why borrow or build a security team when you can use a little creativity, invention, and a little bit of energy replication to make one? Besides, it brings him a strange and twisted form of joy to know how annoyed their original 'donor' would be if they knew about this. It's the little things, right?

As Riventon passed a particular shiny set of stainless steal cabinets, though, he had to stop and turn to look at his reflection. Not out of vanity, no. But out of a sort of curiosity. Maybe it was just the strange reflective properties of the impromptu mirror, but he couldn't help feeling that he looked less like Takashi Agera in this henshin now. Well, no matter, that would serve him even better in the long run.

A swipe of his card and the doors to his own private lab began to unseal, sending a few nearby workers ducking around the corner. The lab was still hazardous to everyone else - one of his best defenses against prying eyes - and the miasma threatened to escape slightly into the rest of UMBRA before slithering back into the lab along with Riventon's entrance, like it had a mind of its own, or was beckoned, called, unable to resist. The doors shut, and Riventon was home. Takashi Agera had a street address and an egregiously nice and overly large house for a single 15 year old, but Riventon had this labratory, toxic with foul black energy.

And it was home. And everything around him reminded him of the power he wielded, the projects he was working on. It was almost a loving touch that his hand made as it slid over the strange magitech machinery on the walls, humming away on arcane and malign projects. Riventon's eyes roamed over the table, at several projects in various states of completion.

A small bangle, Mid-Childan style technology overlaid with a strange network of runes of the kind of magic of wizards and witches. He hadn't gotten it to work quite right, and Norie's condition was worsening. He'd have to see someone for a little help with that. Maybe the Shadow Witch, or someone similarly aware. Utau's plea had at least had some sort of an effect, and moved the project up his priority tree - anyone willing to plead like that would be thankful enough to be counted on in the future.

Two strange, gumball-shaped orbs in machinery, being assembled delicately by the strange equipment, like microprocessors, but made of condensed Dark Energy. He leaned over and put a hand against the equipment, and the green orb lashed out a bolt of electricity. "Hmph. Difficult even before you've been finished. I am not even surprised." he said, to the nascent Nullheart Core.

A trip into the storeroom brings Riventon out with two massive canisters filled with dark energy. His own dark energy. It's a shame he can't just feed Norie this, but that'd just end up making her condition escalate. Oh well, it still had a purpose. Racking each of the canisters into a strange machine, half magitech, half strange purple crystal that channeled the energy - the machine began to hum, and the nascent energy floating in his lab was pulled in along with his own condensed strength.

The strange figure began to take shape in the machine - at first being a manakin like shape, but gradually growing more feminine as layers of dark energy created a skin-like texture. Only where the heart should be, there was just an empty space. A Hollow, the first step in creating a Heartless. Though this one wasn't destined for any of his own projects... no, this one was a special delivery. And the next four he was making. Such an expenditure of energy - hopefully it'd be worth it in what he'd get back.