Last Night (Tadase Hotori)

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Last Night (Tadase Hotori)
Date of Cutscene: 14 December 2015
Location: The Royal Garden
Synopsis: Tadase makes a post to the Virtue/Justice HeartNET about the events that went on the night before.
Thanks to: Amu Hinamori, Mamoru Chiba
Cast of Characters: Tadase Hotori

Hello, fellow heroes of Virtue and Justice.

Word will, of course, spread quickly about the outcome of events last night. By the time this message makes it to HeartNET, I am sure many of you will already know the news.

Last night, Mamoru Chiba, AKA Tuxedo Kamen, a member of Virtue, was struck down. In that moment, many of us lost an ally, a mentor... a friend. And I am not here to offer platitudes about how it will be okay. It will never be okay to lose such a great hero. Where Mamrou Chiba resided in our hearts, there will always be a loss.

And make no mistake. Many of us will cry - many of us will mourn him. But we will not give up. The loss of Mamoru Chiba will hurt. But it must not cause us to give up our hope, to give into the cruelty, harshness, and despair that he gave up his life while fighting against.

Mamoru Chiba's light was so bright, and it touched so many of us. And now, with him gone, we must all carry that light forward within ourselves, so that it does not die out.

This is not an easy time, but doing the right thing, fighting for the right thing, is not always easy. Sometimes it's the hardest thing in the world. But we are not alone - nobody needs to cry alone. If you need help, we will be here. If you don't want to ask, make your way to the Royal Garden at Seiyou, and someone will be there.