Liars and Thieves (TP Teaser)

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Liars and Thieves (TP Teaser)
Date of Cutscene: 01 March 2016
Location: Mahou MUSH
Synopsis: A trailer for the upcoming Staff-run TP Liars and Thieves.
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"So, she steals the book. Then what?"

A man stands in a dark, windowless room lit only by a few candles. It's impossible to see his face, only that he's wearing some kind of robe that looks almost ceremonial or religious.

There's no answer to his question, no voice in reply, but he seems to hear one anyway, turning to look back at the center of the empty table in the middle of the room.

"Yes, I know. The book will open the path. And once the path is open, there will be no stopping the final resolution of this matter."

Another period of silence. The man slowly approaches the table, his face still in shadow, the rustling of his robe the only sound other than the faint hiss as a glob of candlewax falls off one of the burning lights.

"It's a delicate game we're proposing to play. If any of them should find out the truth, it could all be for naught. You know that, right?"

"Don't worry. I have it well in hand. Gears turning gears, wheels within wheels. Nobody has the full story, except for you and I. And when they finally find out the truth... it will be far too late."

The table is no longer empty. In the circle of light thrown off by a single candle in the center of the table sits a single object.

A mask in the shape of a lotus blossom.

Liars and Thieves

Coming Spring 2016 to Mahou MUSH.