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Limits and Closing Characters

You may have up to four (4) Canon or Original Canon Characters, and may app as many Original Characters as they think they can handle.

Canon and Original Canon Characters must be active at least twice a month, and are expected to help facilitate RP with other members of their cast. Furthermore, these characters are subject to staff review.

If you play such a character wildly out of alignment with their application, Staff may choose to speak with you about it and ask for revision. This will not always be the case; we encourage you to get creative with your characters. However, the core concept of the character should remain intact.

Finally, Canon and Original Canon Characters can be removed from your control at staff's discretion, if they feel discussion is not having the desired effect.

Any part of this policy may be waived or modified, at staff’s discretion, on a global basis. (Staff will never apply special application rules to only portions of the player base at a time.) Any changes will be publicly announced.