Lists (Ami Mizuno)

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Lists (Ami Mizuno)
Date of Cutscene: 21 February 2016
Location: Makoto Kino's Home
Synopsis: Ami Mizuno puts together a list, then leaves it where Makoto can find it. Accident or purpose? You decide.
Cast of Characters: Ami Mizuno

Ami sat around in her pajamas at Makoto's house. Four days since she'd left Takashi's house, and her thoughts kept coming back to Valentine's Day. It'd been on her mind ever since, and although she'd spent much of her time digging back into the problems of the Shitennou and the Dark Kingdom, always in the back of her mind it was there.

Finally, late into the evening, she sat down to make a list. And, feeling entirely silly, she makes absolutely certain that Makoto isn't around to read over her shoulder. On a scratch sheet of paper, with a floridly purple pen, she writes:

  • He's the only one I've met who really understands me (caveat: Mamoru does not count.)
  • He obviously cares a lot about me.
  • We have already shared energy; it can't get much more intimate than that, right?
  • He smells nice
  • He's a hero, too!
  • Ice powers
  • He saved my life.
  • I saved his life.
  • He isn't horrific at chess.
  • I've never dated anyone before, it could be fun?
  • He's clearly got money
  • His story is so sad; I want to help him
  • DARK. ENERGY. (caveat: If we can save the DK from this, why not Takashi?)
  • He's kinda creepy sometimes. (caveat: This is probably because he's a nerd like me, and also see above point)
  • He snores
  • Kinda aggressive about heroing. Maybe too aggressive.
  • Ice powers
  • I've never dated anyone before, I have no idea what I'm doing!
  • He's got serious daddy issues.
  • It's like no one ever taught him how to behave like an adult. I don't want to be his mom!

The next morning, she accidentally left it on the coffee table when she and Makoto left for campus. Little mistakes are not something Ami is prone to, and yet, here it is: one more on the list.