Love Ban (Haruna Kurosawa)

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Love Ban (Haruna Kurosawa)
Date of Cutscene: 02 April 2016
Location: Kurosawa Dorm Room in Infinity
Synopsis: If love is Wrong, She'd rather not be right.
Thanks to: Tadase Hotori, Hannah Sharpe!
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa

"So-- I just wanna make sure I heard this straight earlier from someone else--- /you quit Virtue!?/.." asked Aki Kurosawa.

"I quit Virtue!" said Haruna Kurosawa, affirmatively with a sour expression on her face as she slumped down into the office chair at her desk in the Infinity Dorm Room. Classes may be out- but they still lived in school.

"Okay why." asked Aki. She had her arms crossed. It was never good when Aki crossed her arms- if there's one thing Haruna remembered about her sister- it was that. It put her on edge.

"T-they tried to get me to-- stop associating with Hannah-chan and her company because she did something bad! But they don't understand! She doesn't want to do those things but she has to, you know!? But you know what--- I think I could had handled that if I didn't find about Blue's stupid rule!."

"Haruna, /she stole a heart egg/. That's a pretty big deal. That's kind of beyond you know, basic theft? Also, what stupid Ru----oh-- OH! Okay--I completely forgot myself, It's been a while." said Aki as she placed a hand to her head and rubbed her palm down her face. "The 'Love Ban'. Yeah. Every Pretty Cure hates that, but we accept it when we become Precures, Haruna." said Aki with a frown.

Haruna put her foot down. "Well I didn't have a choice!" she seethed. "It was take it- or- or have something horrible happen to me! No one told me anything until Blue realized I was dating Hannah-chan!" she huffed.

Aki sighed. "Look, here's what we're going do Haruna. We're going to go talk to Blue- and I'm going to try to sell him realllly hard on an exception for you because you weren't told- and really he owes me for not telling you anything for those two years-- then were going back, and talking to Tadase and we're gonna set this right. Then, then I'm punching Hannah in the face and then we're going to find you someone else who's more of a good influence to get to know- because that woman is going to /get you killed!/." said Aki angrily.

"No!" she said. "You don't have the right-- after- after leaving me alone for two years-- and then trying to take away any of my friends!" said Haruna. "Tadase doesn't! Blue doesn't! Virtue doesn't and you most certainly do not, Aki Kurosawa!"

Aki leaned down and got a little in Haruna's face. She didn't do this often. "Let's get something straight. I had no control over that-- and---"

"---/and if wasn't for Hannah you'd still be in that stupid mirror!/"

Aki threw her hands up. "You know what. I'm done. I'm sick of having this fight almost once every other month at this rate, and this one is hilariously bad, Haruna."

Haruna Kurosawa could feel that anger swelling up inside- twitching- she just couldn't hold it in anymore. "It's true, Aki!- and you know it! I thought we came to an agreement!--Hannah-chan has helped me more than you care to admit! I'd had done more terrible things as 'Scorn', I still wouldn't have you... I'd be /dead/, Aki!" she said- trying her darn best to get through.

"Is that worth getting killed over her!?" yelled Aki.

Haruna simply could not take it anymore. "/I already died for her once!/." she seethes. "It-it was at the North Pole! Lots of people died! And we all came back! She was going to be killed and I stopped that--but--but I didn't make it out!---" already on the verge of tears- she just began crying.

Aki Kurosawa just stood there shells hocked a bit-- before she touched her teeth together, a look of anger just overtook her face. She perhaps, heard rumors to this effect-- that people died- and came back. But-- Haruna?... defending /her/!? "Get out."



Haruna merely stepped out, hesitantly, as Aki slammed the door.

This was very bad, and Haruna knew it. She should had kept her big mouth shut.

But if love is wrong.... she'd rather not be right.