Magic and the Modern World

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Magic and the Modern World

Magic has existed on Earth for a while, and small pockets of it sometimes surfaced here and there in Earth’s long Modern Age, the time after the fall of the Silver Millenium. Those that had magic knew to keep it secret, as those around them were not as understanding about the powers they obtained with their heart and sometimes branded them as witches or warlocks.

It wasn’t until the last one hundred years or so when Magic as a force started appearing exponentially for some reason, as if the world had begun to ‘right itself’ slowly back to its Silver Millenium state. Along with this came many amazing discoveries attributed to science: electricity, leaps in medical and healing technology, and the people of Earth understanding more of their world. All of these discoveries were secretly forms of magic returning to the world. Of course, people can only do so much with the ambient magic in the world without the belief in their heart.

Some people have become enlightened and understand that science is something more. Professor Breakstone was such a person, whose advanced theories of relativity and space aided humanity's understanding of a secret world they could hardly grasp. The researchers of Eclipse are similar people, though they do not work toward humanity’s benefit.

In terms of present-day interactions, people directly exposed to magic, especially Dark magic, often forget the finer details of these encounters. For example, if person gets attacked by a youma, but Sailor V shows up to stop it, the person does remember that they were mugged and the costumed hero that saved them, but won’t describe the monster. A Stop light Zakenna wrecks havoc on the morning commute and Pretty Cure saves the day? The average person remembers being stuck in traffic and there was some kind of severe accident. Doctors don’t know how to diagnose someone afflicted with a dark magic illness and will blame a mundane ailment instead, looking in vain for scientific causes. The government does not (currently) employ any Ministry of Magic and the average police officer sees these cosplay fighting girls as silly vigilantes. Any sort of big cosmic event that would force the average person to believe in magic has not occurred, and as the start of the game, all magical girl activity is basically “street-level” conflict.

Some of these heroes that are remembered do make the newspaper and online blogs. How your character is perceived by the masses is up to you. Certainly the public is aware of Sailor V and eventually, Sailor Moon, but the public may not be aware of the antics of your Puella Magi as you protect people from the predation of witches. Or perhaps you are another ‘costumed girl crime fighter’ in the world… and maybe there are even dolls of your character in the claw machines at the Crown Game Center! How important fame and secrecy are to your character can be decided on a case by case basis. However, children are more apt to believe in magic than adults. It’s certainly possible that nobody notices the power of your henshin, as well: Utau is publically known for being a popular singer, but not for having actual wings and taking the eggs of children with her entrancing song.