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All the main factions now have a unique method of communication over some sort of magical network.

  • Virtue offers a square-like smart phone that is more or less looks exactly like the Cure Line: . It's color, emblem on the front, display theme, etc can all be modified to suit taste. It strangely has the exact colors and emblem and theme you want- because magic. They come in pre-programmed light purple with a bow emblem for those too lazy to bother customizing their phones.
  • Justice offers a 'Communication Device' based off Mid-Childa Tech. They look weird and glowy and futuristic. It has a basic 'Device AI' that does all the functions for you via voice command! (The AI is always called 'Toll Free', the designer found it charming and silly.) The tend to be happy and cheerful and ready to help connect you! Mundane people confuse this for the next Siri or Cortana upgrade.
  • Eclipse offers sleek black stylish phones that scream you are an executive villain. They flip open and reveal magical holograms. Each one is programmed with an extensive scheduler system and other such business tools. Allows for evil holographic conference calls. There are no games installed. You don't have time for games.
  • The Obsidian Pact offers dark purple crystals that act as a communication device. They hover in your hand and let you speak as you face them. They're also double as energy draining crystals, allowing anyone in O-pact to drain energy to put towards world destruction. They can also change into nifty regular cellphones and still retain the same dark abilities.

Codedly, these are represented by the I-# @channels for each faction: I-Virtue, etc.

There are some rules governing this communication method and they are the same for all the organizations.

They are intra-faction communication only, allowing you to chat to chat with other members of your organization. Unaffiliated people do not have communication methods to 'get into' an organization's communication method, and will need to join an organization to reap these benefits.

They are handheld and need to be held to work correctly. (People using some sort of magical telekinesis, or other methods, to make it 'hands free' finds this makes the phone inoperable.). This means that if you choose to talk during a hectic situation you are dedicating one hand to using it, no matter what. There is no such thing as a 'Magical Metal Gear Codec'. MGLN telepathy should be posed in the room at the person you're communicating with and not over the IC channel. MGLN telepathy is limited to 'same area only'. Staff do not particularly see 'Radio Battle Banter' as Mahou Shoujo in feeling.

All the communicators share the following basic functions: They are magically powered and never need to be recharged. Operates as a 'normal cellphone' as a basic feature. Most of their appearance can be customized to the character's preferences, as long as the basic design is still intact. They're able to 'spoof' your magical identity even if you're not in it, and it appears to take this into account for you on its own. (For example: Rei Hino speaks into the Virtue phone, everyone else sees and hears Sailor Mars.). If they are stolen, they stop functioning. People taking them apart will find they are mysteriously empty shells. Magical girl teams with their own unique, team-centric communication devices can find they can tap into their organization's network with their existing devices.

We hope this gives you something wonderful to use encourage intra-faction communication.