Magical and Normal Travel

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Magical and Normal Travel

There are countless other Magical Worlds and Strange Dimensions out there in the Dusk Zone: a large, shadowy dimension that the paths of light cut through, connecting worlds. Some Magical Worlds have figured out how to use these paths to traverse the Dusk Zone in various ways, such as Mid-Childas amazing dimension-skimming starships, portals, or forms of teleportation.

However, Earth presents a problem for most Magical Travel. Earth is both the point where positive magic flows out into the universe, as well as the junction where it ebbs back. Even for magically-inclined civilizations, Earth (and indeed, the Milky Way as a whole) is a perilous place to visit, and not just because it’s hard to get there. It’s difficult, but possible, to visit Earth from other realms, and portals to Earth aren’t entirely uncommon among other worlds, particularly fairy worlds. But what is incredibly difficult is getting back home. Going to Earth can be a one-way trip, or at the very least an incredibly extended adventure. When someone jump to Earth, they’re making a commitment to spend a decent period of time there. Sometimes, at great effort or at the certain universal moments of linking, return is possible. (In practice this means that Earth gets its fair share of visitors, but it’s not a transit hub - people come to Earth and stay for long periods of time to accomplish missions or the like.) Sufficiently impressive displays of power, like that of groups of magical heroes (OR Dark Villains) can force a portal open temporarily, however. (In other words: it happens as plot demands, but not very often.)

This prevents the TSAB of Mid-Childa and other such civilizations from sending most vessels in. Portals may waver and close without warning as the odd ‘weather’ of the Dusk Zone closes it. Worse, the Portal might become a gateway for the Darkness to leap through, making such portals potential liabilities. Leaving Earth for any reason constitutes a complicated enough plot that a plot request should be sent in to Staff via +request for approval before anyone goes on an amazing voyage beyond Earth’s barrier.

On a local level, Earth travel is still done via the classical ways: Airplanes, Boats, Trains, Buses and so on. This means that the action will rarely head out of Tokyo, which has become a hotbed of magical activity recently. Can you go across the ocean to Paris, France? Sure. But you need a good reason! Travel isn’t cheap and unless you’re rich you probably can’t make the trip easily or fast. Even if you are rich, going alone would be quite boring! The action will move out of Tokyo occasionally, but these will typically be special plot events, either run by a player with approval, or by staff.