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MahouMUSH’s Theme

Humans easily see opposites in everything - joy and suffering, hope and despair, love and hate, empathy and cruelty. This trait stems from the way the universe works - as it is exists in constant opposition between the two greatest of opposites; Good and Evil, or Light and Dark.

The Light was first. It is the source of the life we cherish and the positive emotions that make it so rewarding to live. Across the multiverses, it erupted out from the place that would become known as the Garden of Light - a world home to the first selfless act of love in the multiverse - and spread throughout the worlds and dimensions, giving birth to life and love. And indeed, if opposition had not been created, the universe would have remained filled with only goodness.

Sadly, this was not to be. The first act of Darkness was not born of hatred, but of Greed and envy - envy of the love of another. This darkness did not burst forward like the Light did - instead it festered, worming its way deep inside the hearts and minds of those it touched, spreading like a cancer slowly across the universe. It did not create life at first, but it corrupted it, twisting it into the creatures which inhabit the tainted dimensions we know of today. The Dusk Zone, the Dark Kingdom, Nightmare… all of them born from seeds of Darkness. Within these tainted lands darkness began to form its own twisted life in monsters and youma, who seek to destroy the Light: the thing which they cannot have. Darkness even today keeps this corrupting quality, promising power, vengeance, and other delights to people not otherwise in the conflict, dragging them in willingly or otherwise to serve their twisted ends.

In an effort to fight the Darkness, the Light began to designate Champions, warriors that would press back and save any soul they could. In order to give their champions the edge against the wicked power of darkness, the very strength of light - love and hope - became Magic. And thus, the Champions became known as Magical Girls, Magical Boys, Magical Warriors… the spring of magic itself erupted from the Garden of Light, tended by one of the earliest Champions, the Queen of Light. From the Garden of Light, the spring of magic splashed onto another world - the Garden of Rainbows, the world we now call Earth. From there, the magic flowed to all the other worlds. With the introduction of Magic, the tide began to turn against the Darkness. The wielders of Darkness were pushed into the corners of the multiverse, and the Earth as well as the rest of the universe, rich in magical energy, hope, and joy, prospered for a long time.

This time of peace and magical power is known as the Silver Millenium - named so for the most powerful magical artifact in all the universe, the Silver Crystal - a perfect and pure focusing device, like a magnifying glass, for the magical power of the most hopeful souls. It remained in the possession of the Queens of the Kingdom of the Moon, near Earth, which was even more magically infused than the Earth directly. From the Moon Kingdom, the Queen Serenity (a title passed down the generations) protected all the worlds, wielding the power of the Silver Crystal. This was a heavy duty, as the crystal’s power to focus emotions was so great that it could sap the user of life in the process of its work of fulfilling literal wishes and miracles.

Even so, in the corners of the universe where Darkness still existed, it began to experiment with its own forms and variants of magic. These attempts were always disastrous, ending with a cleansing from a magical hero, or, even more often, with the self-destruction of the Dark empire that made the attempts.

But in the lands where Light ruled, all was well. Until, that is, on the other side of the universe, another civilization’s mages set in course a series of events that would have disastrous consequences.

That world was called Mid-Childa. Turning magic into a science, they made enormous technological advancements in short times, allowing them to traverse the universe. In doing so, they began to happen upon the gravesites of old worlds. These worlds had once been cleansed by heroes, but still had wicked and dark power, too dangerous to be handled. The mages of Mid-Childa, believing they were doing the right thing and would not come to harm, began to collect these ‘lost logia’, their name for these worlds’ powerful artifacts. Many of them were correctly locked away, or even purified and turned to positive uses.

But one in particular was too powerful to harness. That was the Book of Darkness, a codex corrupted by foul power. Created by an ancient civilization known as the Belka, what was originally a storage for magical spells was corrupted into a weapon of implausible dark might, and the resulting damage affected not only Mid-Childa, but the fabric of the universe. Darkness itself gained a foothold again in the worlds. Creatures looming at the edge of reality in isolated dimensional pockets found it much easier to push past the magical wards, fight the magical girls, and dig into the psyches of the vulnerable.

One such vulnerable person was found on Earth, an advisor named Beryl. She was just important enough to have access, just unimportant enough to not be under scrutiny all the time. And she was jealous of the relationship that the Prince of Earth and the Princess of the Moon had: she wanted it. It’s that jealousy that allowed the seeping forces of Darkness to enter her heart and corrupt her. First, she managed to subvert the Prince’s generals against him. “They are conspiring against the Earth, against all of us! Can’t you see?” The whispers of the advisor carried with them the corruption of the darkness - the idea that the Moon and its allies might be unworthy of their power, that Earth should possess it - that the Moon was a threat to the Earth.

These rising tensions, along with aggressive attacks from powerful champions of Darkness, wore on the Moon Kingdom. Even so, love blossomed; the Prince of Earth and the Moon Princess fell deeply in love. They worked their hardest to avert the coming catastrophe… but all they could do was delay it. With the corruption of the Prince’s once-loyal generals, the advisor, now calling herself Queen Beryl, attacked the Moon Kingdom along with an army of both Earth’s soldiers and creatures spawned from the depths of Darkness. The Moon’s extraplanetary allies arrived, but not in time to prevent a tragedy - Queen Beryl, filled with Dark Power and malice, struck down the Prince in front of his beloved princess. This was the crowning moment of her greed, the final result of the corruption of her dark heart. In that moment, sorrow took the Princess, and with her Prince’s sword, she took her own life as well.

Her kingdom falling around her, her daughter dead, and the Silver Crystal soon to fall into the hands of darkness, emotions waged battle in Queen Serenity’s heart. And she wielded the immense power of the Silver Crystal - which reacted not only to her direct wish, but to her warring subconscious desires. The Crystal’s power created shockwaves that still reverberate within the universe today, and Serenity poured her very life and soul into the crystal.

The Dark warriors were banished. The fading souls of the creatures in the solar system shuddered as the immense power of the crystal, backed up by Serenity’s Hope, whisked them away. Her love for all people protected everyone from the reality-rocking effects of her wish; or at least their souls. The planets and the Moon were not so lucky, being stripped of the magic that made them habitable by the second blast, Serenity’s Sorrow. Only Earth, with its wellspring of magic, survived. The magical door to the Garden of Light shattered and closed, and magic ceased to flow further. The creatures of the darkness were pushed into a world between universes, away from the harm. And for most of the universe, life itself was set back. Without magic, humans (and other creatures) reverted to a more simplistic, cave-dwelling existence. While Earth was still the crown jewel of the solar system when it came to native magic, it was little more than background noise now. Most old souls still left in limbo, reaching out rarely to be reborn in the new world.

In that very moment, when Light and Dark were pushed out, a new race of creatures was born. Without the powerful forces of Light or Dark to guide them, these creatures became calculating and emotionless. All they knew was that there was an energy in the universe, and that energy was slowly dissipating. When it did, so would all life, they calculated. They knew they had to stop this entropy. To introduce magic into the universe again.

On Earth, without the magic humanity had come to depend on, or even knowledge of it, these creatures found themselves trapped. It was the first desperate wish from the heart of a young girl that brought it all together. The watchers from outside the world put their plans into action. Humanity crawled back out from the caves it was pushed to, and this girl, though her name is lost to history, became the first of many magical girls. This act also lead to the resurgence of Darkness. Humanity began to rise through the efforts of these limited sources of magic - and the monsters that haunted humanity returned in kind.

The magnitude of the conflict began to grow, however, when a magician named Clow Reed, in an effort to avert a coming bleak future, both created the Clow Cards, powerful magical artifacts, and used his power to make the first opening in the barrier between the Garden of Rainbows and the Garden of Light, allowing magic to trickle back onto the Earth - albeit slowly.. Brilliant though he was, this did have an unintended consequence, making Earth - and specifically, three wards of Tokyo - a magical sinkhole, drawing magic directly to it - artifacts and even beings from other worlds slowly being drawn in, as the magnitude of the effect increased over generations. And now, with the Clow Cards being recently released, the final step in his plan has been achieved, as the magical energy pours back over the Earth, greater than it has been in any time since the Silver Millenium. Though not without its consequences, as this change in cosmic energy has not grown unnoticed by the forces of corruption and darkness.

More magical heroes fought the monsters of darkness, and to this day, the fight continues. It is these fights between Dark and Light that slowly begin to undo the damage wrought by Serenity’s Sorrow, slowly peeling back the curtain that had separated the worlds. The mages of Mid-Childa go back to their work, re-learning their magic from old tomes. Children with hopes and dreams find themselves blessed with guardians who help them find their true selves and fill the world with hope. The damage done by Serenity’s Sorrow may never be truly repaired, but in the present day, it is possible for those of the worlds of Light to reach out to Earth and create champions of hope once again. But the fiends of Darkness find their own gateways to Earth, using it as a stepping stone to invade these worlds, to strip them of the light. Beryl awakens, as does her patron (and manipulator), Queen Metallia, and with them, her armies. Dark plots bring sinister creatures to Earth, as all things seem to begin and end here, as they always have. Alien minds seek to fight entropy, by any means necessary. A few Mages from Mid-Childa find their way to Earth to seek lost artifacts of hidden civilizations, either destroyed on Earth long ago or pulled here like a magical magnet by the after affects of Clow Reed’s plans.

But one constant remains true: Magical Girls and Magical Boys spread hope and joy, using them as the most powerful weapons to beat back the darkness. They protect those they love, and bring hope to those they’ve never met. As villains appear or awaken, heroes old and new rise to the challenge; reincarnated warrior-princesses of planets, children with the hope of their future selves, hunters of shadow fueled by the destiny of their heartfelt wish, magical device-wielding mages, the champions of Fairy worlds… and so many more. Using the power of hope and friendship, love and joy, and magic itself, they stand, bright shining lights keeping the darkness away from those who cannot fight.