Meeting The Senshi, a not-canon snippet (Minako Aino)

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Meeting The Senshi, a not-canon snippet (Minako Aino)
Date of Cutscene: 14 December 2015
Location: Hikawa Shrine
Synopsis: Minako's original 'first impression' of her Aino-identity, if Artemis hadn't suggested something different. (The date above refers to when it was written, referencing EP 39 of the old anime)
Cast of Characters: Minako Aino

Episode 34 Sailor Moon - a not-canon snippet

At the Hikawa Shrine

It's tense. Luna, Rei, Makoto, and Ami stare at each other. It goes from awkward to uncomfortable until somebody finally says it.

"Even for Usagi, this is a bit much."

Heads nod in agreement. They each list the place they last were to narrow down where she's not - not home nor school and definitely not at the shrine. They try to call her and text her. No success.

"She's at the tower."

All eyes turn to the blonde-haired girl, but then zero in on the actual source of the words: her little companion cat.

Ami recognizes him. "Artemis! Then, that must mean you're Sailor Venus."

The blonde-haired girl just stares blankly for a moment, then slowly shakes her head. "Sailor Venus? No, I'm not-- ohmagawd, you're... you're Sailor Mercury! And you're Sailor Mars. That makes you Sailor Jupiter!" she says, pointing with such vigor and excitement her hair tosses around her shoulders. Ami freezes like an animal in headlights while Rei immediately snaps to defending herself: "No, no, that's stupid. Of course not." Makoto just chuckles like it's a clever joke. She concludes this is a great way to combat an eerily accurate calling out of her identity and double-downs on the laughing, giggling harder but without any sort of mirth behind it. Forced.

"No. You guys totally are! Can I get your autographs!" Minako continues, as the trio slowly becomes visibly worried, their expressions showing open panic.

* * *

At least, that's how it would have gone, if Artemis hadn't talked me out of it.