Minako has a dream too (Minako Aino)

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Minako has a dream too (Minako Aino)
Date of Cutscene: 19 December 2015
Location: Minako's bed
Synopsis: Minako has a dream
Cast of Characters: Minako Aino, Artemis

Dreams are funny. They simultaneously contain and lack tactile, auditory, or even temporal sensations. You think you're tasting an onion not because it tastes like an onion, but because your dream self is imbued with the knowledge that you just ate an onion. Like imaginary muscle-memory. A meta-memory.

Minako dreams of hazy wasted days. Interviews over unknown hours or days. A procession of faceless people ('faceless' as in people she won't remember or people without faces, it won't matter when she wakes up). They all remind her she murdered their friend. It's not an accusation. More like a friendly reminder. Dream time is weird. She only knows 23 conversations pass.

"Win!" they say. Then everybody will come to you. Appreciate you. Love you. They give suggestions in between accusations.

'Win' means murder. But murder the bad guys, this time. 'Win' means keep the right secrets secret. Let the right secrets out. It's very abstract. It's easy if you're a good leader, or so they imply.

She did not startle awake. Rather, her eyes opened, nothing more, and she stared into the dark. The blackness reassured her.

A meowy voice asks if she's ok. "Bad dreams?"

"Not really, Artemis." It's a lie, but a casual one offered with the best intentions.

Bad dreams. The silver lining is they might be bad dreams, but at least they're different bad dreams. That's something.