Mirrors (Takashi Agera)

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Mirrors (Takashi Agera)
Date of Cutscene: 29 March 2016
Location: Takashi's House
Synopsis: Takashi has been having nightmares.
Thanks to: Ami Mizuno, Ayana, Madoka Kaname
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera

Realistically, Takashi had experienced variations on this dream enough times if he was conscious, he'd know what was coming. And he'd break things. But, unfortunately, as is true in most dreams, he was but a silent passenger.

Takashi walked down a long hallway, lined with mirrors. On the left side, the mirrors at first reflected him as Riventon, before changing to show less his reflection and more moving scenes of his time as Riventon, fighting the heroes, stealing energy and equipment, sneering and attacking and standing over groups of roboyouma, Retrivers, and Nullhearts.

On the right side, the mirrors reflected Takashi as Frost Knight Iceni - leaping through the Tokyo skyline with Madoka before placing her safely away, protecting Ayana from the experiment she consumed, plucking the falling Ami Mizuno from the sky, covering Sailor Mercury and Tuxedo Kamen. And, of course, the less-impressive moments of getting knocked around by Dark Endymion and Kyouko Sakura.

The implication, of course, being the distinct differences between the two sides. At the end of the hallway lies a door, which opens, and reveals his father's office. Though, in the chair, sits not the shadowy visage of his father, but Riventon, leaning forward, elbow resting on the armrest, head in one hand.

"You can't be all of these things at the same time, Takashi Agera. You can't keep playing at being a hero. We both know what you are, what lies within you. We both know that the truth is me - and that you're just trying to put on a mask. It's a waste of valuable time and effort, this game you're playing."

Takashi leans over and glares at the man in the lab coat, the man who is very much also him. But he doesn't say anything... he never says anything in these dreams, leaving him to have the other side of the argument out with himself once he returns to the world of athose awake.

"She's going to find out, sooner or later, about this game you're playing. And then all of the time you spent will be a giant waste. All of the little dates, all of the hits you took. Better to just let her hit the ground..."

Takashi steps forward, making an angry swing at Riventon - who catches it, effortlessly, holding him back like an adult holds back a toddler's tantrum. "I'm your strength. Without me, you're too weak. You can't even accomplish anything without others. Frost Knight is a joke. Are you mad because I'm right?" Riventon sneers, and with his free hand, channels a sphere of black energy, bringing it up to Takashi's face. "Let the weak you die as it should be so the strength can thrive."

Takashi, as usual, wakes up when that burst of energy is launched. For once, though, he's in his own house and his own bed instead of waking up due to passing out in his lab. He swings his feet away from the bed and groggily walks over, trying to shake off the dream - but passing by his dresser and the mirror atop it instead.

Without really thinking, Takashi slams his fist into his reflection as hard as he can, shattering the mirror and causing his hand to bleed from the cuts in the glass. Rather than show concern over the pain, Takashi simply looks at his hand and the very bright red, very human blood. But of course, that doesn't last very long, as the black energy begins to swirl up, healing the cuts. The very not-human energy.