Naming Rusty Tablet(Masu Yogoshi)

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Naming Rusty Tablet(Masu Yogoshi)
Date of Cutscene: 24 August 2018
Location: Eclipse MR lab
Synopsis: Masu gets a very special gift from Takashi to congratulate her on her (soon to occur) promotion. Unfortunately... well... with powers like hers, she'd best be careful what she touches.
Cast of Characters: Masu Yogoshi

"This is who I am. This is how I feel. Every time I dream a rain falls over me. This is how it feels I'm starting to see..." Tarnished's tablet sang the song as the girl worked. And worked. And then worked some more. Slowly, gingerly, she mixed the dark energy with other materials, to sometimes caustic results. She barely noticed when a roboyouma came in and dropped off a small package on the nearby chair. That was, until she decided to take a break and looked over to it. She frowned. Who? Why?

She walked over and started pulling it open. There was a note, from Takashi? A promotion gift? She tossed it aside, not noticing that the note was beginning to wither. Inside there was a strange... Tablet? With straps? It was so small, she picked it up and... "What in the world are you?" she asked as she held it by the screen.

She stared for a while, noticing a weird, corroded area. "What? It's just some--" She then shrieked and dropped it, noting the rusted marks were her hands had been. She ran to her desk and quickly slipped on her gloves. "Right. Careful. Not one of your tools. Oh crud..." she whispered, picking the device up again. "What in the world are you?" she muttered, before picking up the tablet. There was a small book of instructions and she picked it up in her other hand.

"Enter a command word as a name and..." she trailed off. "Ummmm... Command word?" she asked. The screen came to life and she yelped, almost dropping it. She stared at the damaged device, gulping. "Okay... err..." She read the screen. "Set... name? Ummm..." She stared and then, in a moment of not sure what to do... "Rust tablet?" she offered.


"Wait, no, I changed my--"


Oh well. How often would she use it anyway?