No Rest (Takashi Agera)

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No Rest (Takashi Agera)
Date of Cutscene: 26 June 2016
Location: Uminari City
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera

In the dead of night on Sunday evening, a figure steps out of one reality and into ours, hands pushed deep into pockets, hunched over and walking forward, moonlight glinting off glasses. This is not an hour for students to be out alone, and yet here's Takashi Agera walking slowly, mind in through and work.

He reaches the edge of the empty street and, finding a signpost, leans up against it, looking up at the sky, as though he could see out into space. He'd been doing that a lot lately... developing an almost habit in these last few days, particularly yesterday.

Ami had gotten back okay, along with her friends, and the threat had been handled. He wanted, on a large level, to be there with them - it was a threat against the world, shouldn't he be standing against it? But he also knew that de to his recent activities his presence would've likely caused more harm than good. And Ami had had more time to study it - she'd had a plan and the senshi were going to carry it out.

If he as up there, in addition to the stress his presence would likely cause, he worried she might not have confience enough in there being someone on Earth with a backup plan to enact hers with less anxiety. And it had been proven successful.

Thursday evening had also been a glaring reminder of his own lack of success. The black eye he still sees in the mirror was just as good of one, but that just tells one part of the story. The other part was probably the bits and peices of concrete missing from Mamoru's balcony and the side of the apartment. Sure, he'd been beaten before. But knocked out of henshin?

And by a girl who shouldn't have been able to muster that strength - not with the understanding he had of her Linker Core, of her henshin pen. And with no aria. Just a punch, and she hit with nearly the force of his own Nightmare Shockwave - his strongest attack.

And she was one of many there that day. And for a brief moment he was surrounded on their turf without an exit. Without the intervention of Norie and Nyubey, he'd have probably been killed, he figured. Some of the girls certainly had that dangerous threat in their eyes, in their auras. He was destinctively out of his league, perhaps, and especially foolish to come without his cartridges.

And yet giving up wasn't anywhere near his radar. To wallow in defeat or failure, to accept inferiority, to regret - not things Takashi could even consider doing. Too much on the line, too many sacrifices. Too much investment, otherwise and personal. What he would even do without his projects, without his drive to become the most superior, is a question he cannot even find an answer for.

Even the other parts of his life depended on it - his job, his entrance to Infinity, his relatiosnhip-or-not-relationship with Ami - none of those things would've unfolded without this power. He'd still be another foster kid, an unclaimed, falling through the cracks of Tokyo society. Without his power who would he be, what would he have to show for his time - for his life?

He pulls out a small crystalline object, intricate like a malicious snowflake, sitting in the palm of his hand. He regards his handiwork with the pride he always does, before pressing it into the street sign's post. There's a brief visible surge of darkness before it fades away.

Leaning back against it, a wave of his hand brings up a series of screens projected from Axion's gem, showing a map of the Three Wards and a series of points radiating coverage, like a cell tower map. He looks happy, smugly so as always, and the screens vanish. No, he was still back on track.

A particularly cold gust of wind for this time of year though, makes Takashi think of something else, think of a girl in a blue fuku slamming the bitter chill of winter like an elegant warhammer into his magical shield. A girl with the most brilliant mind and the sweetest voice and the coldest anger.

All that was left for Takashi was to sing a few lines of a song under his breath - a song he wouldn't have known about at all if not for Ami introducing him to Pandora so long ago- - as he puts his hands back in his pocket and returns to the work of rebuilding his lab.

"I know I can't slow down, I can't hold back - though you know I wish I could.

No there ain't no rest for the wicked, Until we close our eyes for good."