Of Gods and Children (Hana Shiroi)

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Of Gods and Children (Hana Shiroi)
Date of Cutscene: 20 March 2017
Location: Mitakihara - Downtown
Synopsis: Hana Shiroi has a visit from Kyubey, who seems to dislike what she has to say.
Cast of Characters: Hana Shiroi
Tinyplot: Rise of the White Flower

An empty apartment, high in a skyscraper in downtown Mitakihara. Expensive, with polished floors and full-length windows looking out over the nighttime city below. But empty- entirely empty and unfurnished, aside from a single high-backed, red-cushioned chair in the center of the room. Almost like a throne.

The lights are off, the only illumination coming from the lights outside the windows. In a city like Tokyo, however, that is more than enough to cast the room into a serviceable, if shadowy light. And that suits the occupant of that chair just fine, as she lounges with an elbow on the arm-rest and one leg crossed over the other, a posture of almost bored patience.

Hana Shiroi stares out those windows, her multi-hued eyes ever shifting through a rainbow of colors, the otherwise unrelieved monochrome of white leather and black hair thrown into contrast by their swirling brightness.

At first, it seems she is alone. But a shifting in the shadows at the back of the room betrays that assumption. A moment later, a small white figure pads on four feet from those shadows, to sit on its haunches behind the chair in the pool of light coming in through the windows, absently starting to groom itself with a forepaw.

Though she does not look around, it only takes a moment for Hana to speak, her voice as laconic as always- not emotionless, but neutral, as if her visitor is barely worth her notice. "Incubator. I was wondering if you would be paying me a visit, now that I have.. returned."

Kyubey's voice responds a moment later, his tone equally as unreadable, though with that chipper and faux-cheerful mien it always possesses. "Hana Shiroi. I have to admit, I did not expect we would be speaking again, after last year. I suppose I should be grateful, however. Many Witches have returned to this city, drawn by your presence. The harvest has been good, these past few months."

"Did not expect. Yes." Hana's tone is contemplative, though when she speaks again, there is an edge of scorn to it. "For creatures which claim such far-reaching knowledge and intelligence, you Incubators often seem to encounter things you 'did not expect'. I myself am living proof of that. It almost makes one question whether you are as mighty as you claim to be, or whether you are simply stumbling in the dark with the rest of us."

Kyubey does not respond for a moment, though his expression, of course, never shifts. "This Universe is vast, Hana Shiroi. Vaster than one such as you can comprehend. Our system to preserve it is likewise vast. In any system so large, anomalies are unavoidable. There are simply too many possibilities to anticipate every one. Across a thousand stars, we have achieved 99% reliability in the functioning of the Puella System."

"And yet," Hana cuts in, her voice still neutral, but sharp-edged, "All it takes is that 1% of unanticipated consequence to send everything tumbling down into chaos."

"That is exactly what we seek to prevent, Hana Shiroi." Kyubey says firmly. "Entropy wishes to reduce the Universe to meaningless chaos. It works towards this goal tirelessly, because it is not a being but simply a force of nature. Our system is the only way to effectively counter it, to preserve this Universe as it is for millennia to come."

"Why?" The word slips from Hana's mouth almost on a breath, and now her head does turn to regard the creature seated behind her.

"..I do not understand." is Kyubey's response, a moment later.

"Why? Why preserve a Universe so unalterably flawed?" Hana's voice is firm now, conviction beneath her tone. "This Universe is broken, Incubator. It is sliding inexorably into chaos because it knows it cannot persist. You are like children with glue, hurriedly trying to re-assemble a shattered vase before your parents return, but slowly, ultimately, failing."

"A wise person would not attempt to salvage what is broken. A wise person would find a way to get a new vase." Her eyes return to the window. "Why preserve what can never be made whole? It is better to create something new."

Kyubey stares at the back of her chair for a moment. "You cannot create a new Universe, Hana Shiroi. You may be powerful, but you are not a god."

A smile tugs at the corner of Hana's lips as she stares out the window. "So I have said myself, on occasion. And it is true. I am not a god. But Incubator.. you and your kind control the power of a god. You use it to endlessly patch this Universe. But I have realized, if controlled by one with the proper talent.. the proper will.. that same energy, harvested from the deaths of Puella on a thousand worlds, could be used for something much... much greater."

Silence again, for several moments. Then Kyubey says, "You cannot wrest control of the Puella system from us, Hana Shiroi. You lack the understanding. You lack the means."

Slowly, Hana rises from her chair, turning to face the small white creature on the floor of her penthouse apartment. Slowly, one eyebrow raises above a multi-colored eye. "Are you so sure, Incubator? After all, you did not expect me. You did not expect me to be born. You did not expect me to return. I would say, in fact, that your understanding of my capacity is... frighteningly lacking."

Kyubey stares up at the woman in silence for several long moments. Then he is simply gone.

Hana Shiroi looks at the spot where he stood for several moments, then turns to gaze back out the windows. "For creatures in the business of creating monsters," She says, to no one but herself, "The Incubators seem woefully unprepared for facing their own demons."

And again, she smiles, wider now- where none can see but her reflection.